How do spider security tags work (and why)?

A woman looking at clothes in a store.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Understanding how spider security tags work is essential in today’s retail landscape, where loss prevention and merchandise security are paramount. These innovative EAS devices not only deter theft by sounding an alarm when someone attempts to leave a store without paying but also make smaller items more difficult to conceal, offering a dual layer of protection. This article discusses the mechanics behind spider tags, explores their benefits, and highlights how they integrate into broader security strategies to protect a wide range of merchandise.

A woman looking at clothes in a store.

What is EAS?

Electronic article surveillance (EAS) is a technology used to prevent shoplifting from retail stores or theft of books from libraries. EAS involves the use of electronic security tags and labels attached to merchandise, which are detected by systems at exit points of a store or facility. 

These systems sound alarms or alert staff when tagged items attempt to leave the premises without being deactivated or removed. EAS tags come in various forms, including adhesive labels and hard tags, which are removed or deactivated by staff at the point of sale. The primary goal of EAS is to deter theft by creating a risk of detection for shoplifters, thereby effectively reducing inventory shrinkage.

What are spider tags?

Spider tags are a type of EAS hard tag designed to protect high-value merchandise, especially items that are large, bulky, or difficult to secure with traditional tags. Named for their spider-like appearance, these tags consist of multiple cables or wires that wrap around the product, securing it on all sides. 

Spider tags are particularly effective for electronics, power tools, sporting goods, and boxed items. They are equipped with alarms that can sound independently of the EAS system, adding an additional layer to your loss prevention system. The visual deterrent of a spider tag, along with its physical and electronic security features, makes it an effective anti-theft device for a wide range of retail products.

How do spider tags work?

Spider tags work by combining mechanical security with electronic surveillance. The tag is fastened around the merchandise using adjustable cables, making it difficult to remove without a specialized detaching device. When an attempt is made to cut the cables or forcibly remove the tag, the tag can sound an alarm, alerting staff to the attempted theft. 

Additionally, spider tags are integrated with EAS technology, either radio frequency (RF) or acousto-magnetic (AM), which interacts with the antennas installed at store exits. 

If a spider-tagged item passes through these antennas without being properly deactivated or removed, the system triggers an alarm. This dual-action functionality—physical restraint plus electronic detection—provides a comprehensive solution to prevent theft of valuable merchandise in a retail setting.

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11 high security display cases you should consider

When it comes to protecting valuable items, whether they’re high-end retail products, historical artifacts, or firearms, the importance of security cannot be overstated. High-security display cases offer an ideal solution, combining robust protection with aesthetic appeal to showcase items safely and attractively. 

In this section, we explore some of the top high-security display cases you should consider, each offering unique features tailored to different industries, including retail, museums, cannabis dispensaries, and gun stores. These cases are designed to deter theft and safeguard valuables, ensuring peace of mind for businesses and collectors alike.

Here are 11 high security display cases you should consider for your business:

  1. Fortress Display
  2. Jahabow Industries Inc – TDL™ Secure Display Cases
  3. Display Connection – Safety and Security: High-Quality Display Cases
  4. Tecdur – Secure Display Case
  5. Tusco Manufacturing – Retail Security Cases & Displays
  6. Allen Display – Security Showcases: Display Cases
  7. Display Smart – High-Security Handgun Case – Roll Door
  8. Trio Display – High Security Showcase
  9. Sicura Casseforti – Display Cases
  10. Obsidian Manufacturing – Secure Cannabis Glass Display Cases
  11. SF Display – Clear Viewing Guns: Rifle Handgun Display Case Cabinet

1. Fortress Display

Fortress Display offers a line of high-security display cases designed to protect valuable items while still showcasing them attractively. Their products are built with robust materials and incorporate advanced security features such as tamper-proof glass, locking mechanisms, and sometimes alarm systems. These display cases are ideal for museums, luxury retail stores, and any business needing to secure valuable items like jewelry, artifacts, or high-end electronics. Fortress Display’s commitment to quality and security makes their cases a popular choice for establishments that cannot compromise on the safety of their valuables.

The company caters to a broad range of industries by offering customizable options to fit specific needs. Whether for displaying ancient relics in a museum setting or the latest technology in a retail environment, Fortress Display ensures that every case provides maximum security without sacrificing aesthetics. Their products are particularly favored by businesses seeking a balance between functionality and design, allowing for a secure display that also enhances customer experience.

2. Jahabow Industries Inc – TDL™ Secure Display Cases

Jahabow Industries introduces their Theft Deterrent Level™ (TDL) Series, focusing on secure display cases that blend high-quality construction with innovative security measures. The TDL Series is engineered for retailers, museums, and any setting where high-value items are on display. These cases feature reinforced glass, secure locks, and options for integrated alarm systems, making them a formidable barrier against theft and unauthorized access. Jahabow’s emphasis on durability and security makes their display cases suitable for electronics stores, luxury goods retailers, and historical exhibit spaces.

Use cases for Jahabow’s TDL Series vary widely, from safeguarding electronics in a retail environment to protecting priceless artifacts in museum exhibits. The company understands the unique needs of different industries, offering tailored solutions that address specific security concerns. For businesses that require top-tier security without compromising on visibility and style, Jahabow’s secure display cases provide an excellent solution. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that each case meets the high standards expected by their diverse clientele.

3. Display Connection – Safety and Security: High-Quality Display Cases

Display Connection specializes in high-quality display cases that offer both safety and security for valuable items. Their product line is designed with retail environments in mind, including stores that sell jewelry, electronics, and luxury goods. These display cases come equipped with high-strength glass, locking systems, and sometimes additional security features like motion sensors or alarm connections. Display Connection’s focus is on providing secure display solutions that do not detract from the customer’s ability to view and appreciate the merchandise.

The versatility of Display Connection’s display cases makes them a popular choice for a variety of business types. Jewelry stores, electronic retailers, and even art galleries find these cases ideal for their needs. The company offers customizable options to ensure that each client can find a display solution that fits their specific requirements, whether that’s a particular size, shape, or security feature. This adaptability, combined with a commitment to quality and security, makes Display Connection a go-to source for businesses looking to protect their valuable merchandise without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

5 spider tag examples

Spider tags are a critical component of retail security, providing an effective deterrent against theft while allowing stores to display their merchandise openly. These devices are designed to protect a variety of products, from electronics and luxury goods to boxed items and apparel, by sounding an alarm if tampered with or removed without authorization. 

Here are five spider tag examples, each offering unique features to suit different retail needs, from compact designs for smaller items to robust solutions for larger merchandise.

  1. Attack Spider Wrap
  2. Mini Spider Wrap
  3. Self-Alarming Spider Tags 
  4. Alpha Spider Wraps
  5. Big Spider Security Tag

Attack Spider Wrap

Attack Spider Wrap offers robust security for medium to large packaged goods. Its engineering focuses on maximizing the security of items that require a larger protective footprint, making it ideal for electronics, hardware, and large boxed items. The Attack Spider Wrap features an adjustable design to snugly fit the merchandise it protects, ensuring a secure grip that is difficult for potential thieves to tamper with. 

The versatility of this spider tag makes it suitable for a wide range of retail environments, offering a deterrent against theft while maintaining the visual appeal of the displayed merchandise. 

Mini Spider Wrap

The Mini Spider Wrap provides powerful security in a more compact size, making it perfect for smaller high-value items such as handheld electronics, luxury goods, and smaller boxed items. This tag is designed to maximize display opportunities while minimizing the risk of theft. 

Its smaller footprint does not compromise on security, as it still features the same alarming technology as its larger counterparts, alerting staff of any tampering or unauthorized removal attempts. By offering a balance between aesthetics and protection, the Mini Spider Wrap ensures that retailers do not have to sacrifice product visibility for security. 

Self-Alarming Spider Tags

Self-Alarming Spider Tags from Security Tags are specifically designed to decrease shoplifting by acting as both a visual deterrent and a physical obstacle. With a sleek and elegant black body and wires, these tags are discreet yet effective in securing boxed and rectangular products like electronics, luxury goods, and other high-ticket items. 

The self-alarming feature sets these spider tags apart, as they can sound their own alarm in case of theft or interference, providing an additional layer of security. Their simple setup and long battery life make them a cost-effective solution for retailers looking to protect their inventory. For pricing, Security Tags offers detailed information upon request.

Alpha Spider Wraps

Alpha Spider Wraps are a flexible and secure solution for protecting six-sided packages. Trusted by over 500 retailers worldwide, these spider wraps are available in a range of sizes to fit almost any packaging and can be chosen in either two- or three-alarm varieties. 

The design is reusable and easy to apply and remove in-store, making them a practical choice for a wide variety of merchandise, from electronics and jewelry to general merchandise. 

Big Spider Security Tag

The Big Spider Security Tag from Alien Security is tailored for the protection of larger boxed products, such as laptops, microwave ovens, and other electronic devices. Available in both two- and three-alarm versions, it features a large diameter and a customizable lanyard length, offering flexibility in securing a wide range of merchandise sizes. 

The tag’s built-in flashing LED light and loud alarm sound provide a strong visual and auditory deterrent against theft. Alien Security’s Big Spider Security Tag is designed for high security, with options for RF, AM, or RF+AM frequencies to fit different retail environments. 

When it comes to securing your retail environment, physical deterrents like spider tags are essential. However, the real power comes from backing up these systems with video evidence. Solink stands out by providing crucial video evidence when electronic article surveillance (EAS) alarms are triggered. 

This approach enhances your security measures, ensuring that every incident is captured and can be reviewed or investigated as needed. With Solink, you’re not just deterring theft. You’re creating a safer, more secure shopping environment for your customers and staff.

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