Solink Delivers Video Verification Solutions to Revolutionize Alarm Management

April 13, 2021

Using existing video surveillance cameras together with Solink’s artificial intelligence technology, Solink’s new Video Alarms provides a stand-alone security system where cameras are connected to a monitoring station for verification of alarm events and for dispatch of police when warranted.

For decades, businesses and monitoring stations have suffered from an inability to easily see and understand the cause of an alarm. Often, alarm incidents are false, leading to wasteful police dispatching and expensive fines incurred by businesses.

Solink’s new Video Alarms delivers a complete alarm solution for customers using their existing security cameras with no sensors or alarm panels needed. Solink instantly sends video evidence of the alarm to the customer’s mobile phone whenever an alarm is triggered. This video verification evidence allows the recipient to make a highly informed decision to either dispatch police or mark it as a false alarm.

“Business is synonymous with livelihood for the millions of large and small business owners and operators in North America. When an alarm is triggered in the middle of the night, they want the ability to view the video and dispatch law enforcement in real-time, giving them complete control,” said Mike Matta, CEO of Solink. “Solink instantly delivers alarm video verification to customers’ mobile phones. And customers don’t need to install new cameras or hardware or sign up for a long-term contract.”

Solink’s Video Alarms solution also offers an optional monitoring service through Noonlight, a leader in data-rich emergency response and professional monitoring. Solink’s fully monitored version immediately sends video evidence of the alarm to Noonlight’s monitoring center for review. If the alarm is false, it is immediately cancelled. If it is not a false alarm, Noonlight sends video evidence to the customer’s mobile phone for verification. Together, they decide whether to dispatch police, and if there is no response from the customer, Noonlight sends help, providing a link to the video evidence along with building information included in the Solink customer’s profile.

“Video verification together with Noonlight’s monitoring service gives our customers a sense of comfort and convenience ,” continued Matta. “We believe this monitoring service will set a new standard for improving safety and security.”

“Noonlight’s ability to quickly review video footage of a potential emergency is critical, especially after hours. This is our specialty,” said Brittany LeComte, co-founder of Noonlight. “We have experienced agents inspecting video to filter out false alarms before they become a burden, or even better, prioritize emergency response for alarms when needed.”

Solink’s self-service Video Alarms solution is included in the monthly base subscription fee paid by Solink customers. The Monitored Video Alarms service with Noonlight is currently available in the United States.

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