Solink Product Update: New Features in Solink’s Cloud Managed Platform

March 16, 2020

By releasing frequently, we’re able to address user requests, introduce new features or improvements and run beta tests to ensure we are maximizing the experience for our diverse user group. It’s also one of the things that sets Solink apart from traditional commercial security systems and video surveillance companies.

Over the last month, we have received some great feedback on areas our customers are looking to simplify.

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Sorting surveillance video footage by time

Many of our users wanted an easier way to watch video by entering an exact time – we listened!

When incidents happen, whether it’s a slip and fall, break-in, employee theft, or fraud, we’ve heard from customers that the ability to launch video at a specific time is key to quickly finding video surveillance footage. As a result, one of the capabilities we have reintroduced and improved is the ability to set the time to view surveillance video. This enables you to choose the exact day and time that videos will be played from going forward. By setting your start time, you can narrow your focus on using that time to view any security camera.

The date and time work independently so you can view any day and the start time will remain at what you set. If you change the time while watching video, that will update the start time as well. This gives you more control and flexibility in reviewing video footage that impacts your business.

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Switching to live

We’ve also made it easier to change from LIVE and Archive video viewing. The date control can now be toggled between LIVE and any date from the calendar control. This enables users to quickly view live video and jump back to any other date in one click.

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Easier access to reports

Reports enable a repeatable way for our customers to quickly and easily identify CCTV video footage and the associated POS transactions that impact their business (i.e. all refunds over $10, or all discounts). Reports are more easily accessible through a slide out drawer on the left of the events screen.

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Product tours and surveys

We know you don’t always have time to learn the new capabilities of Solink’s video surveillance platform, so we have introduced Product Tours that quickly walk you through the new features that are introduced. These bite-sized tours are designed to be quick – just a few clicks – and focused on why you would use the new feature to help you get the maximum outcome for your business.

As user feedback is a key source that drives our product roadmap, we also send the occasional survey to get a pulse on our customer’s experience with using Solink – we review all responses and take them into consideration, so please take the time to share your thoughts!

We want to hear from you!

We don’t take our customer’s loyalty for granted – that’s why we always welcome their feedback (both positive and negative) and have made it easy to submit ideas and comments directly through the feedback tool in the product. We look forward to hearing from you!

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