The hub of your smart operations; Solink is the key to effective action.

By aligning video with other systems, Solink offers the visibility needed for smart operations, staffing, and compliance.

Visibility and accountability: Solink is the smart hub that gives you the whole picture.

Our features give you insight into daily store operations regardless of time or location, in a way never before seen. Stop wasting resources on endless travel and inconclusive investigations. With intuitive video search and the system data to back it up, it's never been easier to take action with confidence. The addition of our revenue-tracking features gives you smart ways to discover how business is booming or busting.

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An agile analysis of revenue, motion, and events based on day, month, or year—and best of all, you can view this data for 1 or 1000 locations.

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Create a menu of filtered searches that screen right down to keywords, menu items, and more. See specific transaction types, motion events, even specific staff’s customer interactions.

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Discover Dashboard

A graphic view of your revenue broken down by store, staff, or transaction speed or size. Seek and remedy outliers with ease.

Use video for insight when you can't be on site.

Solink offers some powerful video tools. Look back in time and pinpoint motion. Analyze our heatmap to determine store traffic. And use an array of 360 cameras, giving you visibility that’s virtually as effective as being on-site.

360 Camera

One app, so many uses.

Solink is the hub of the connected smart business. With Solink aligning data from your video, transactions, and other connected systems, you’re empowered with visibility and insight for virtually all aspects of your business. We're shaking up how business has traditionally approached operations and finding smarter ways to get the job done.

Solink Operations Many Uses

"Solink is one of the technologies we've adopted that has changed our whole landscape for being able to scale as quickly as we have."

Kyle WelchCold Stone Creamery

"Solink is so amazing. Their loss prevention features prevented losses efficiently and effectively. Their product saved my life, improved my income, and earned me numerous accolades from my colleagues. Thanks, Solink!"

Henry McHenryTri Counties Bank

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