Why should companies upgrade to Solink’s cloud video security?

February 9, 2023

Solink business security offers the cost savings of hybrid storage and camera compatibility combined with the performance of an intuitive integrated cloud-based platform. The results are higher returns on investment (ROI) and smarter business security.

Previously, if you wanted new features, you would need to buy new cameras. Solink is a camera agnostic security solution that is compatible with most cameras on the market. This reduces the cost of onboarding the Solink platform.

Furthermore, the warrantied network-attached storage (NAS) device is included with your monthly subscription, making it a cost effective option that delivers ROI faster. Take advantage of Solink’s cloud video security platform without having to replace existing hardware. You can connect your existing cameras to Solink, transforming your outdated hardware into effective and proactive business security with low capital expenditure.

Unified platform across multiple locations

Solink takes your siloed cameras, recording devices, and logins and combines them under one pane of glass. Organize all of your locations and devices in one easy to use platform accessible remotely. Managing multiple locations remotely is easy and fast with Solink. Moreover, Solink is scalable to an unlimited number of sites and available on desktop, android, iOS, and Apple TV.

A laptop with a view of a camera screen.

“We really were trying to find that one vendor that we could use to go ahead and aggregate all of our video feeds together for all of our restaurants. One simplified database for us to be able to log into [and] seamless go between restaurants”

Jay Hafemeister,
Partner of JH Foods, Carl’s Jr.

“Solink was able to upgrade existing systems with improved performance and speed, connectivity and intelligent features. Sixty systems were upgraded in just 30 days and now play an integral role in shrink reduction at existing sites.”

Scott Sanford,
Director of Loss Prevention, goPuff

Cloud video security systems make collaboration easy

Add an unlimited number of users under one subscription without paying for additional seats. Assign each user permission levels based on their role and get unlimited training to ensure you get what you need out of your Solink system.

Centralized IT teams save time on investigations, while regional managers can access the video and data they need to make fast operational improvements. Any member of your team can use Solink to investigate incidents, find supporting video evidence, and save important clips to the cloud indefinitely.

In addition, cloud video surveillance means that video footage can be shared with authorities and external parties via email directly from Solink, saving you time on resolving cases.

Save and share clip within the Solink platform

“From a staffing perspective, Solink is saving us at least $150k per year because you’d traditionally need to have one person managing the case management, and another managing the audit and exception-based reporting. Not only does it save us financially, but it also saves us easily 20 hours a week in unnecessary work,”

Ian Dill,
VP of Asset Protection, Centric Brands

“It takes me just minutes a day to go through and see what our trends are, know if something doesn’t look right, and prioritize how to handle[…] Getting everyone set up with the right daily Solink reports and in the habit of using them makes such a difference to keep our fingers on the pulse of the business.”

Executive Vice President,
Roy Rogers

Integrate video with data for better business insights

Easily sync video with POS, labor management systems, access control, and more to identify issues faster. Solink has over 200 data integration partners available and is adding more all the time. Search through data using product keywords, staff names, entry codes, dates, and times—almost anything. Pull up the associated video to understand the full context of the situation and collect video evidence in record time. The customizable reports and dashboards allow you to view metrics that matter most to your business quickly, giving you the information you need to make operations improvements faster than ever.

A screen shot of a web page showing a number of different images.

“When we first started with Solink, we were about three percent of sales lower than the system average for Jack’s locations. We were definitely lagging the Jack in the Box brand. Right now we’re about six to seven percent positive versus the system. I feel like Solink has helped us just knock it out of the park”

Paul Urbina,
Franchise operator for PARS group and Northwest Foods, Jack in the box

“Being able to search voids, refunds, excessive returns, easily identifying that stuff is such a time saver for our location and store managers. The benefits are not just from a technical standpoint. There is loss prevention, there’s managing the staff, and being able to easily identify property theft.”

Drew Malsbury,
Director of IT, Bottle King

It keeps getting better

When you log into Solink, you are always on the latest version of the platform. Ongoing improvements mean the system is always updated to protect from security threats automatically, and new features are immediately available to the end-user. Tools and features are constantly being created and optimized to work better for your business. Solink evolves to what your business needs.

Get access to new features like Camera Linking immediately. Solink’s Camera Linking AI automatically creates associations between cameras by detecting motion patterns across adjacent cameras. When reviewing footage in Solink’s video player, you can navigate from one camera to another intuitively without prior knowledge of the site’s layout.

“It’s a high quality product that continues to improve every day. Solink doesn’t just sit idle—they move their product forward and that’s something we like to see. That brings us a lot of benefits. The service quality is next level, and we look forward to working with Solink more in the future.”

Brandon Nicholson,
Safety and Security Manager, Spinx

Solink brings together all of the important components of a cloud video security system in one safe and secure platform. We keep your data safe and in one place. We also connect the data coming from all of your systems with video evidence of what is happening.

This protects you and unlocks new business insights.

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