12 Instagram Photos That Proves Tim Hortons is a Canadian Christmas Tradition

December 11, 2017
No one would argue that sipping on a Tim Hortons coffee during a white Christmas is one of the most Canadian things ever. This post was created not only to honour that tradition but also to honour Tim Hortons franchisees for being an important part of our company’s growth and the evolution of our technology over the past year.

One of the first people to use Solink was Chris McCluskey, a Tim Hortons franchisee. He believed in the vision that our little startup was after and has contributed countless hours of feedback and referrals to help get Solink to where it is today.

In the beginning of January 2016, only 7 Tim Hortons restaurants were using Solink’s Video Recording and Loss Prevention Solution. Now, at the end of the year, nearly 300 Tim Hortons restaurants trust us to protect their business.

Thank you to those franchisees!

Check out 12 photos that prove Tim Hortons is a Canadian Christmas tradition.

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