Turret vs Dome Security Cameras: When and Where to use them in your business (2024)

October 24, 2023

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

No one type of business security camera can be used in all situations. The best video security setups have multiple different types of cameras deployed where their advantages are best exploited. Here’s what you need to know about turret vs dome security cameras to best place them in your business.

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What is a turret security camera?

Solink's cloud based surveillance system integrates with turret camerasTurret cameras are highly adaptable security cameras with a ball-and-socket design so they can be adjusted to point in any direction. Unlike bullet security cameras that cannot be precisely targeted, turret cameras can be slowly adjusted until they have a perfect view of a specific area, thereby enhancing security measures.

Since turret cameras can be easily repositioned, they can be used to guard temporary features. For example, turret cameras can cover temporary sales displays and then be adjusted at the end of the week to cover the new display. Additionally, the camera’s ability to be installed horizontally or vertically allows for flexible placement in nearly any location.

It should be noted that the direction of a turret camera requires manual adjustment, which might be impractical if the camera is installed in a hard-to-reach spot, such as a high ceiling.

While turret cameras excel in delivering excellent image quality and the benefit of flexible visual direction, they do come with one drawback. Unlike dome cameras, they are vulnerable to vandalism due to the lack of hard plastic dome covering.

Turret security camera pros and cons

As with all commercial security cameras, turret cameras have specific benefits and deficiencies that make them perfect for some settings but less suitable for other ones.

Turret security camera advantages

Here are the main advantages of bullet cameras:

  • The ball-and-socket design makes it harder to tell where the camera is facing.
  • No dome to obstruct nighttime viewing with infrared lights.
  • Can be deployed indoors or outdoors.
  • Varifocal lens makes it easy to see a small area clearly or a wider area at lower resolution.
  • Can be swiveled left–right and up–down manually to change the viewing angle.

Turret security camera disadvantages

Here are the main disadvantages of bullet cameras:
  • Does not look like a traditional camera, so they may not have the same deterrence value.
  • Repositioning must be done manually.

What is a dome security camera?

Dome cameras are security cameras covered with a plastic protector. This makes it harder to know which direction they are facing. Therefore, employees and customers are less sure about what is or is not in the camera’s field of view. Furthermore, their shape and the plastic dome make them more resistant to vandalism. 

However, this dome can reflect IR lights, making dome cameras less effective at night.

A cctv camera hanging from the ceiling of an office.

Dome security camera pros and cons

While the dome makes these security cameras highly effective in some locations, it is a hindrance or unnecessary cost multiplier in others.

Dome security camera advantages

Here are the main advantages of dome cameras:

  • Plastic covering hides which direction the camera is facing.
  • The dome makes these cameras highly resistant to vandalism and damage.

Dome security camera advantages

Here are the main disadvantages of dome cameras:

  • Sometimes water droplets can cause blurring.
  • IR light can bounce off the dome, causing blindspots at night.
  • The dome can make them needlessly more expensive when it doesn’t add value.

Are turret vs dome security cameras better?

Turret and dome cameras have specific use cases. Before installing them, consider what you need and what the environment is like. Then, you can match their specific strengths to the use case while minimizing their weaknesses.

Where should I use turret vs dome security cameras?

Since turret cameras can be precisely positioned, consider using them to protect your point of sale (POS) systems. Once you install the turret camera, you can slowly reposition it until one or several POS systems are clearly visible, allowing you to pair video with transaction data, which can help prevent discount abuse.

In addition, for areas that are constantly being changed, such as the front of a retail store that goes from summer to winter clothing displays with different dimensions, the ability to reposition the cameras to keep a tight watch on new merchandise makes turret cameras a great option.

Furthermore, turret cameras are better for nighttime surveillance. The dome on dome security cameras can reflect the IR lights, leading to blindspots in the camera’s field of view. Similarly, rain or condensation drops can cause blurring in dome camera footage, so turret cameras work better where this might occur, such as unprotected outdoor areas or inside of walk-in fridges and freezers.

Where should I use dome vs turret security cameras?

Dome security cameras are best used when the installation is within arm’s reach of customers and staff. Since they are more resistant to damage, whenever vandalism is a possibility, consider dome security cameras.

Water molecules can cause blurring, and IR lights for night vision can bounce off the dome causing blindspots. Therefore, avoid using dome security cameras outdoors without proper rain cover and where nighttime vision is needed.

Finally, the addition of a plastic dome makes these security cameras slightly more expensive than turret cameras, so in hard-to-reach places it is better to use turret cameras from a cost-saving perspective.

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