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9 ways to use video with data integration (2024)

January 1, 2023

One of the major recent developments in physical security is integrating video with other data sources. This provides enhanced security by pairing events from your point of sale (POS), access control system, etc. with matching video. However, the benefits of video with data integration go beyond security improvements.

In addition to your security needs, Solink helps with loss prevention and operations, with over 200 data integrations and growing. Here are nine ways you can use video with data integration today.

To hear about all the other ways video integration can help your organization, sign up for a demo today.

To see all the ways Solink can help your business, book a demo today.

Loss prevention systems need to be updated to match the current threats, such as organized retail crime (ORC). Solink helps evolve your loss prevention system by matching video with data integrations. That way you can easily pull video of transactions or other events to see what really happened.

For loss prevention, we showcase the following tools:

  • Event Search: Solink’s event-driven application greatly reduces the time needed for conducting investigations and manually auditing transactions. Sync security video with POS data to filter through transactions using intuitive events search. Pull up video to verify suspicious transactions instantly and save the clip to the cloud as indisputable evidence. Share clips via email directly from Solink to internal and external teams.
  • Motion Search: Solink’s Motion Search allows you to identify a key area of video and then search for any movement within that area. It can be used when something goes missing, someone uses a backdoor, or even to audit employee break times.
  • Camera Linking: Solink’s Camera Linking uses AI to detect motion patterns between your cameras and automatically create buttons you can use to navigate between your nearby cameras.
  • Dashboard and Widgets: The Dashboard page in Video Discovery consolidates key information from your business, such as customer transactions, discounts, refunds, and motion detection statistics. Your information is displayed visually in the form of configurable widgets. These widgets allow you to easily track and monitor key data from your point-of-sale (POS) system, such as refunds, discounts, and suspicious transactions.

See how Solink’s integrations help with loss prevention in your business.

Find theft faster

Your average daily revenue dropped last week. However, the average number of daily transactions has increased. You suspect theft.

  • You open up the Solink Dashboard.
  • You search for voids, as a high-risk transaction. However, there are too many events to look through all of them.
  • You narrow down the investigation with Event Search by selecting a dollar value of “less than $3” and setting “only cash transactions.” That way you are seeing the small value cash transactions that are most likely to be theft.
  • There are still too many transactions to manually view, so you further narrow down the search with the term “NOT free” as these are often loyalty reward transactions.
  • You finally find a week-on-week increase of 15% in these transactions.
  • Now you can track these changes going forward, find specific instances of theft to discuss them with employees, or adjust the schedule to reduce these transactions going forward. You can even save this report and set up notifications so you are aware of spikes in high-risk transactions going forward.

Reviewing thousands of transactions would take hours, but you can narrow them down to only the high-risk ones in 2 minutes.

Spot and track shoplifters

An employee reports their phone has gone missing from behind the POS. You suspect theft.

  • You place a motion search area over the POS where the phone went missing.
  • You skip from motion event to motion event until you find a person walking away with the phone.
  • You then follow the person through the store with Camera Linking until they leave the store. This provides evidence that they did not drop the phone before leaving.
  • You can then save the clip instantly as evidence and share with police right from the Solink platform.

Since you do not need to manually scan all the video footage, what would have taken all day can be done in a few minutes.

Uncover discount abuse

You are noticing an uptick week on week of the number of discounts being applied. The total value and percentage discounted are both increasing. You suspect sweethearting.

  • You review your custom dashboard widget and see that one POS has a much higher discounting level than the tills.
  • You click on the widget to open up all the transactions made using that POS.
  • After reviewing the transactions, you see evidence that the employee working that till is applying discounts incorrectly.
  • You save all videos of these transactions to discuss them with the employee.
Dashboard - discounts per till_medium


Solink gives insight into daily business operations regardless of time or location, in a way never before seen. Stop wasting resources on endless travel and inconclusive investigations. With intuitive video search and the system data to back it up, it’s never been easier to take action with confidence. The addition of our revenue-tracking features gives you smart ways to discover how business is performing.

For operations, we use the following tools:

  • Threshold Notifications: Threshold Notifications allow businesses to set limits on their key metrics. Then, whenever a value is outside your comfort zone, you receive a notification so that you can react to the issue before it gets out of control.
  • Motion Search: Motion Search allows you to identify a key area of video and then search for any interaction within that area. It can be used when something goes missing, someone uses a backdoor, or even to audit employee break times.
  • Camera Groups: Camera groups allow you to organize your cameras into one folder within the Solink platform. That way you can, for example, view the front entrance of all your locations together.

Prevent expensive fines

You’ve recently received some hefty OSHA fines due to blocked fire exits. While staff at all locations have been made aware that doors need to remain free of boxes for their own safety, staff shortages have made it difficult to ensure compliance.

  • You set up a camera group of all cameras facing emergency exits across your locations.
  • In minutes you audit all locations for clear doorways.
  • You find boxes blocking an emergency exit.
  • You use Motion Search to review all activity by the door to find out who blocked the door.
  • You then save video clips to discuss the situation with the employees to remind them how important it is to follow all OSHA regulations and company policies.

In minutes you can ensure that all emergency exits are clear, save video evidence of non-compliance, and email the video to store managers who need to be reminded about regulatory issues.

Create on site data points. Set up alerts around fire exits to ensure a safe area of passage incase of emergency. Prevent OSHA fines by monitoring health & safety compliance.

Identify speed of service issues

The drive-thru is an important part of your business. The average speed of service needs to be below 60 seconds to maximize the profitability of the drive-thru. You suspect that certain members of staff are dragging down your average speed of service.

  • You set up a custom widget on your dashboard that shows the average speed of service for all drive-thru employees.
  • You set a threshold to proactively notify you when employees are averaging more than 60 seconds per vehicle.
  • When you see that specific staff members are consistently over the threshold, you can move them to the in-store POS.

Thresholding gives you the ability to maintain a high speed of service through the drive-thru by optimizing your scheduling.

Employee speed threshold notifications

Manage labor remotely

You are having issues with long breaks. Remotely monitoring staff breaks will help you understand what is happening in all of your locations.

  • Your labor management integration tells the Solink platform when employees are starting and finishing breaks.
  • The custom Dashboard Widget gives you the number of long breaks daily.
  • When you see a long break time, you can open the video of the employee punching in and out for breaks to see what happens.

If employees are taking long breaks, then that is time theft. However, relying only on the time clock data might miss things. For example, it could be that the employee stopped to help a customer before going for their lunch break.

Break time policy violations

To see how Solink can help you get a handle on time theft and more, book a demo today.

Physical security

Solink is challenging the standard concept of business security monitoring and making it smarter. With Solink, you have visibility into all your locations all the time, with advanced features that allow you to search, investigate, and share incidents with outside authorities. Using Solink for video security is intuitive and fast.

For security, the following tools are used:

  • Motion Events: Motion events are generated when motion in a specified area—referred to as a Motion Zone—is detected by one of your cameras.
  • Video Alarms: Solink Video Alarms feature can further protect your business from theft or any suspicious activity. When movement is detected in a specific area of your business during a certain period of time or when the alarm has been manually armed, Solink sends a notification via text message or email with a link to the relevant video clip.
  • Save and Share: You can save video clips from your events and video footage and review them later. Then, you can copy a link to any of your saved clips and share it with others with two levels of permissions. The Copy Share Link button allows you to share a clip link with anyone, while the Copy Internal Link button limits access to the copied link to only Solink users on your account.

Proactive risk management

Your business has issues with guests entering areas they shouldn’t. This is a health and safety risk, and it could lead to both higher insurance premiums and the potential for lawsuits.

  • Your lower level service area is for employees only. However, the doors do not have sensors on them, so sometimes lost guests enter these areas.
  • There should be no motion in this area after staff go home around 10:00 p.m.
  • You set up alerts using Motion Events so any movement within the Motion Zone between 10:30 p.m. and 5:30 a.m. will send a notification to staff.

Let Solink keep an eye on your vulnerable areas so you can focus on business decisions. This added layer of security provides peace of mind.

Become partners with local law enforcement

Police come to you looking for a video. Two suspects stopped at your coffee shop before breaking into a building. Police have video of the suspects arriving at your location.

  • First, you open the calendar option to set the date and time to slightly earlier than the expected time.
  • Once you identify the suspects, you track the suspects as they enter the building.
  • The police requested the full hour of video around the event. You can also add all the other camera angles so the police get a clearer view of the suspects.
  • Once you’ve chosen all the HD videos to include, you can name the event and add a description of what is shown.
  • Finally, you share a link to the video directly from the Solink platform with the police.

Being able to save and share video clips in the Solink platform means you can partner with law enforcement. A strong relationship with local law enforcement means better loss prevention and security.

Reduce false alarm charges

False alarms have become a major issue. Emergency dispatchers are either ignoring unverified alarms or applying hefty fines for false alarms. Your current alarm system is producing too many false alarms, which are costing you money and jeopardizing the security of your business.

  • You set up Solink’s Video Alarms Monitoring Service.
  • Now, whenever motion is detected on your premises, you are sent a notification to verify the alarm.
  • If there is no threat, you can dismiss the alarm.
  • If there is a real threat, you can verify the alarm and share the live video stream with emergency dispatchers.
Comparison between standard alarms and alarms with Solink

Reduce false alarm fines by canceling your alarms when there is no true threat. Ensure better response by providing live video feeds of your location with emergency responders when there is a true threat.

To see all the ways Solink can help your business, book a demo today.