Why you need video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) to protect your Business

August 10, 2023

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Security is a major concern of businesses today. However, it’s not enough under current budget constraints for a security system to do only one thing. Even security cameras can’t just be used for security. Video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) integrates your security cameras with all your other systems to provide new business insights. With the right VSaaS solution, you get improved security and a lot more.  

See how Solink completes your security system.

What is video surveillance as a service?

Here is a basic definition of VSaaS:

VSaaS is an extension of classic closed caption television (CCTV) security systems that allows users to store, share, view, and monitor video surveillance footage in the cloud. Being able to view camera feeds remotely enhances the security value of your surveillance system.

VSaaS vs. VMaaS

Video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) and video monitoring as a service (VMaaS) are different but interconnected services. VSaaS is essentially a video analytics platform that provides artificial intelligence tools for interpreting and actioning data from physical security infrastructure and other integrated hardware and software to provide new business insights. 

VMaaS, conversely, can be seen as an expansion of the VSaaS platform. While VSaaS functions as a self-serve video analytics platform, VMaaS offers professional real-time monitoring services. By utilizing VMaaS, you can eliminate the need for costly security measures like panel alarms or live security personnel, as your VSaaS platform takes on the role of providing continuous monitoring support.

What are the main features of VSaaS?

Video surveillance as a service businesses bring new life to existing security cameras. By connecting to the cloud, VSaaS solutions integrate your video surveillance and other systems to provide business insights. 

Here are some of the features available in VSaaS platforms.

Save and share

Once you’ve saved needed security footage to the cloud, sharing it within your organization or with law enforcement is effortless. Simply send the URL to individuals requiring access to the video clip and they can easily view it. The Solink platform streamlines this process through an automated save and share system, ensuring convenience and efficiency.

Remote video monitoring

The ability to access data from anywhere, regardless of the number of managed locations, is highly advantageous. Remote video monitoring is crucial for larger organizations. Solink enables real-time access to your data from any location. This means you can conveniently observe video footage of ongoing events and review all the relevant data gathered from interconnected systems.

Everything in one place

Businesses recognize the importance of data collection but often struggle with managing and utilizing the vast amount of data they possess. While they understand its potential to enhance organizational efficiency, interpreting and implementing data can be challenging.

To simplify the data processes, one effective approach is consolidating as much data as possible within a single platform. Solink’s cloud-based video surveillance solution accomplishes precisely that. By integrating video footage with data from various systems, Solink’s video analytics platform not only enhances security but also unlocks valuable insights about your business.

Moreover, combining data with video allows you to perceive the actual occurrences, as data alone may not convey the complete narrative. For instance, exception-based reporting can alert you to potential theft or reduced productivity, but only when its paired with video can you truly understand the underlying reasons behind such anomalies.

Proactive monitoring

Cloud video surveillance alleviates the mental burden of continuously monitoring your business. Solink leverages diverse statistical models, motion search, and camera AI capabilities to proactively alert you to potential issues.

Whether you seek to be informed when someone accesses the backroom, track sales levels at a store, or detect a decline in drive-thru speed of service, Solink can promptly notify you of emerging concerns, enabling proactive intervention before they escalate.

With Threshold Notifications, you can establish limits for all your essential performance indicators. Whenever these core metrics deviate from your desired range, you will instantly receive an SMS or email notification, ensuring you can promptly get things back to normal.

Off-site cloud video storage backup

While cloud video storage has its drawbacks, such as the need for a reliable Internet connection and potential bandwidth consumption, as well as the potential for high costs, it can still be a valuable option when used as a backup to local network storage.

By securely storing your videos in a cloud storage solution, you can preserve them indefinitely. The accessibility of cloud-stored videos also offers additional advantages in the realm of cloud video surveillance.

Solink provides a comprehensive solution by combining network-attached storage (NAS) with cloud video storage. This seamless integration of a fully warranted storage appliance helps mitigate costs, enhance system robustness, and, in certain industries, ensures compliance with regulatory requirements for security systems.

Constant improvements

Unlike traditional security systems that remain static throughout their useful life, cloud video security solutions continually evolve and improve. A prime example of this is Solink’s recent introduction of Location Management, a feature designed to simplify the auditing process for large organizations. With Location Management, it becomes effortless to locate and assess specific individual locations or groups of locations within the system.

You can track all of the recent updates to the Solink platform here.

Automated security updates

Cybersecurity plays a crucial role in ensuring the effectiveness of physical security measures. One significant drawback of non-cloud-based video surveillance solutions is the absence of free, automated security updates. This poses a significant risk as hackers continuously uncover vulnerabilities in these systems, potentially compromising video feeds and cloud video storage.

In contrast, Solink prioritizes security by providing regular updates to the platform whenever new threats are identified. This proactive approach ensures that the system remains fortified against evolving cybersecurity risks. Solink operates under the highest security standards to safeguard the integrity and confidentiality of your video surveillance data, providing you with peace of mind regarding the protection of your assets.

Health checks

Solink’s cloud video security ensures online availability for both itself and your other systems. It actively monitors camera status, alerting you to any offline cameras or obstructed views. Regular health checks are performed to prevent security vulnerabilities.

AI capabilities

Making your security camera footage available on the cloud means that you can use new AI capabilities. Many of these features require more computing power than any single laptop could attain. Cloud computing unlocks some of the following features. 

With the integration of AI, it has become feasible to search for motion events within recorded video footage. This functionality proves particularly beneficial in identifying shoplifters. By selecting the specific shelf where merchandise has been reported missing, users can effortlessly view instances of motion solely within that area, efficiently skipping the intervening hours.

Discount abuse is a well-known challenge within the retail and restaurant sectors, contributing significantly to losses. Employee theft at the point of sale (POS) stands out as a primary cause. To address this issue, it is crucial for loss prevention software to seamlessly integrate with POS systems.

By incorporating POS monitoring, businesses gain the capability to examine high-risk transactions, encompassing employee discounts, voids, cash returns, and instances of no-sale till openings. Furthermore, they can conveniently review accompanying video footage to gain insights into the specific events that transpired.

Camera linking

Utilizing advanced AI technology, Camera Linking offers an automated solution to identify overlapping views among your security cameras. This enables swift navigation through unfamiliar areas by seamlessly transitioning from one camera to another while surveying the premises.

For instance, if a shoplifter is detected using motion search, you can promptly track the suspect’s movements within your store. This allows you to observe their actions, such as identifying additional stolen items or verifying that the merchandise was not discarded elsewhere before their departure.


Video surveillance as a service solutions offer unparalleled scalability, ensuring seamless growth alongside your business. Here are three ways in which cloud video security effortlessly scales with your organization:

  • Number of sites: The cloud’s boundless nature allows for easy integration of additional sites. You can effortlessly bring new locations online.
  • Number of users: Adding new users is a hassle-free process within the cloud environment. Moreover, you have the flexibility to assign customized levels of access to protect specific data from unauthorized viewing, ensuring that individuals only have access to the information relevant to their roles.
  • Number of connected systems: While the POS system is the most commonly integrated system on Solink, the cloud-based platform can connect with various other systems, such as scheduling software and access control. As you incorporate new systems into your operations, Solink actively works to incorporate them into your tailored dashboard, providing a comprehensive overview of all connected systems.

With cloud video security, the scalability of your surveillance infrastructure is virtually limitless, empowering your business to adapt and expand seamlessly.

Video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) is a new model in the physical security industry. By bringing together all the hardware and software used by businesses, every business event becomes searchable, allowing you to pull up video to see what is really happening at all of your locations. 

To see how Solink’s VSaaS platform unlocks new security and non-security benefits for your business, sign up for a demo today.

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