Product Updates

Multi-Page Dashboard

We’re excited to announce that the organization of your Solink Dashboard just leveled up with our new Multi-Page Dashboard. Save time and stay organized by tagging your dashboard widgets.

Dashboard Pages reduce clutter and allow you to categorize widgets on your Solink Dashboard.

Solink widget tags

✨ Bonus: This will also improve the loading time on your dashboard.

For more information on widget tags and how to configure your multi-page dashboard, visit our Help Center.

Tip: You can now create widgets more efficiently with the updated widget creator on the Solink Dashboard page. Widget creation has been simplified into a step-by-step process to reduce friction and improve the overall user experience. For more information on how to create a new widget, visit our Help Center.

Ranking Widget Improvements

Discount by location widgetThis month’s update also includes improvements made to Ranking Widgets. Users are now able to,

  • Set a rolling week (not constrained to Sunday start only)
  • Select up to 30 locations or employees to display

Check out our Help Center to learn more about configuring Ranking Widgets.

Alarms: Phone Arm/Disarm

When speaking to our users, it was evident that the majority of their false alarms were being triggered by motion events caused either by employees coming in early/staying late, or by after-hour deliveries. These events typically happen during scheduled Arm periods, by people who have the right to be on premise, but don’t necessarily have Solink App access. It became apparent that our users wanted to know who was staying late, “late close” or coming in early, “early open” as a key operational analytic. These were all challenges our Solink Team set out to solve.

The Phone Arm / Disarm feature for Video Alarms provides a new way to disarm your Solink alarm system by picking up a physical phone at your location and dialing a code to disarm the system.

You can now set up Phone Arm / Disarm for individual employees, teams, delivery drivers, cleaners or other individuals who require temporary access to your location without triggering an alarm. In the event an incorrect PIN is entered, or no PIN is tried within a short time frame, video verification is sent to our alarm monitoring partner. The agent will determine whether it is a true threat to person or property and dispatch authorities if needed.

phone arm and disarm

For more information on how to set this up at your location(s), visit our Help Center.