Store manager viewing video analytics on the Solink platform on their mobile phone.

Managed Video
& Loss Prevention

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Leverage existing security cameras and POS systems to reduce losses and modernize asset protection.

Managed Video and Loss Prevention Solutions

Store manager viewing video analytics on the Solink platform on their mobile phone.

Scale from hundreds of locations to thousands with full enterprise-grade cloud video surveillance services.

Solink is a cloud-based platform that leverages a business’ existing investments in commercial security systems, POS systems, and IT/authentication infrastructure to modernize asset protection, loss prevention, guest experience, and risk mitigation with ease.

Businesswomen using a cloud monitoring system in a warehouse.

Transform your business with loss prevention strategies.

Solink is used by large companies to reduce losses and increase productivity. By leveraging existing investments in video surveillance security cameras, data systems, and IT infrastructure, Solink is able to dramatically increase the output of current teams and systems.
Take a smart approach to loss prevention.
Businesspeople looking at a business surveillance app on their tablet.

Leverage your existing security camera hardware and get started easily with Solink video + data.

Solink combines your security camera video + data, providing intelligent business insight to make loss prevention professionals more successful with actionable events. Solink integrates with the widest range of POS systems.
Integrate with Solink partner solutions.
Businessman using his phone as business remote monitoring system.

Access advanced video surveillance features and dynamic analytics from anywhere in the world.

Leverage user roles, geographic or location based permissions, and secure remote access from any device. Improve customer experience, respond to incidents, or simply improve processes with security camera video and data perfectly married right at your fingertips.
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Send a clip of security camera video and POS data to managers or authorities, easily and with all the details.



Dive right into the data that matters most to you with specific search parameters that automatically updates with the newest events.



Input a keyword, timestamp, motion search, or other system data point and we’ll pull up what you’re looking for in record time.

“I was able to use Solink Region Select, and within seconds it identified a security guard stealing supplies. Solink was able to capture something wrong, within two weeks of installing it.”

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