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How Solink keeps Felipe’s Taqueria running smoothly with a multi-purpose security system

April 8, 2019
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Chris Andry is the IT Coordinator for Felipe’s Taqueria. He’s spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect system that would simplify the security process for their quick-service restaurants (QSR). He says he’s glad Felipe’s chose Solink, as it’s already come in handy in some serious situations–and it even pulls double-duty as a tool for operations and training.

Total visibility: how Solink helped police investigate a crisis

It’s not uncommon for Solink to help in a crisis, but some are scarier than others.


“One of our locations in Florida had an incident a few weeks ago,” shared Chris in a recent talk with Solink. “Two guys came in, and walked straight to the register–which is kind of odd because usually, you walk to the other side of the line to place your order. The two men started harassing our employees and making a scene,” Chris continued. “When our manager tried to calm them down and figure out what was going on, they pulled out a knife. Luckily, our manager was able to get the situation under control without getting hurt, and detained the two men until the police arrived. When the detective asked for the video, it took me less than five minutes to pull up four different angles of the incident.”

Chris was able to see the entire situation from start to finish using Solink. “We could see the parking lot where they pulled up in their truck. We could see them go to the back of their truck to grab some stuff, and we saw them walk through the parking lot and stop to make a game plan before they went in. We could see all of the different angles very quickly and could email it off to the detective and other managers easily.”

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Solink is a surveillance platform + mobile app that helps businesses find and solve problems. Solink creates a dashboard of searchable video clips, each paired perfectly with transactions from a business’ on-site POS system data. This gives visual + data context to any moment in time. Curious? Take a tour today to find out how Solink can help you.

Working faster: the new world of restaurant technology

Before having Solink installed, it would have taken Chris hours to collect all of the footage needed. “With our old security system, it would have taken me an hour to get into the first camera, find the proper footage, and then download it. Then you have to go into the second, and third, and so on. A lot of the time when you try to send the file, it’s too large. We’d spend a lot of time trying to compress files to make them small enough to send. But with Solink, sending evidence is just one click and you’re done.”

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HOW SOLINK HELPS: Solink’s video clips are easy to save, download, and upload to the cloud. Whether you need them for training future employees or sending to the police as evidence, it’s quick and easy to get the clips you need from every camera. Read how Van Aken District uses Solink to investigate incidents remotely.

Fool-proof security system makes staff training easy

When looking for a cloud security system to implement across the different locations, Chris wanted to be able to find something that was easy to use. “We have a lot of managers, and they all need to be able to use the system,” Chris explained. “Solink was the perfect solution. You don’t need a lot of training, it’s self-explanatory. If there is anything you do need help with, there are a variety of chat options that you can use to reach out and get assistance right away.”

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The Multi-Tool Effect: Syncing video and POS transactions

Restaurants like Felipe’s Taqueria need more than just a security camera system — they need to get more out of their investments. Solink integrates with their existing POS system, allowing managers to see the full context of every transaction–this gives leaders a new way to process the day and take action.

By having access to the videos alongside the accompanying transaction, Felipe’s has been able to address training opportunities and ensure policies are being followed properly. “We use the motion search feature to make sure that top shelf drinks are being rung up properly. The POS integration lets us see each employee’s performance and drill down to get a clear picture of what they’re doing on their shift. The other managers and I can’t hand-hold the employees every day and every transaction, so this is a great way to find what we need to train and make changes.”

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The Discovery Dashboard allows you to evaluate your employees’ performance easily. You can see average ticket price, discounts applied, and anything else you need to monitor. You can set up custom reports and have them sent directly to your inbox every morning so you have a clear understanding of what happens every day. Find out all the ways Solink helps your business with this detailed infographic.

Because Chris can see into the different locations every day, he’s able to give his employees positive reinforcement. “We’ll go in and look at our cameras and see that everybody is in full uniform, so we’ll do a shout out. Sometimes we’ll be able to see that they are working through a line really fast. It gives us the ability to not only identify those big red flag moments, but also located the times when our employees are doing a great job.”

Chris’ story shows how important it is to be able to access your data easily, for both police investigations and training your employees. Restaurants like Felipe’s Taqueria are discovering how Solink encourages better business decisions, to find out how you can do the same, take a personalized tour now.

How can Solink help your business? Take a virtual tour with us and see for yourself.