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Virtual tripwire

Virtual tripwires are lines drawn on a camera’s feed that alerts people to any motion that overlaps the painted area.

What is a virtual tripwire?

Virtual tripwires are an easy to understand analogy for area-specific motion sensing in a camera feed. Physical tripwires, whether lasers or a piece of string, are designed to create an alert when motion is sensed. This is exactly how motion detection in camera feeds works.

A line is drawn on the screen where the user wants to know whenever activity is detected. Then, whenever motion is detected by the advanced artificial intelligence (AI) deployed in modern security cameras, the user is alerted to the activity.

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Why are virtual tripwires important?

Virtual tripwires are a simple way for non-technical people to use motion search. Simply draw on the screen with your finger around the area of interest and then let the security system tell you what happened in the area and when.

To go deeper, motion search is an important underlying technology for many loss prevention and security tools. For example, Solink Video Alarms are based on motion search. Users may paint virtual tripwires around the perimeter of their business or cover their entire floor plan and experience a better, easier, and cheaper security system than traditional alarms.

Virtual tripwires using AI security cameras are replacing a lot of physical infrastructure including people counters, reducing the overall costs to businesses.

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Find suspicious cash handling within your business

Learn how easy it is to uncover suspicious cash handling in our self-guided tour.