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Video alarm

Video alarms use video footage to enhance or replace traditional alarm systems.

What are video alarms?

Video alarms, such as Solink’s Video Alarm Monitoring Service, use security cameras to enhance or replace traditional alarm systems. With video alarms, you can set up dynamic security areas to be alerted to suspicious activity. These areas can be time-dependent and changed easily along with your security needs.

Video alarms are the focus of intense research.

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Why are video alarms important?

Video alarms use motion detection software to track suspicious activity over areas. This is in contrast with traditional alarm systems that only detect a specific event, for example a broken window or a door being opened. Video alarms reduce the chance of missing an intruder because they used an unusual entrance point. It also means that intruders can be detected earlier by targeting the areas around entrances instead of waiting for them to enter a facility.

Video alarms can be set up across larger areas, such as fence lines, where traditional intrusion detection systems might be cost prohibitive. One other important benefit of video alarms is that they can be used to detect motion over more granular time points. Instead of arming a security system only outside of business hours, a company could, for example, turn on their video alarm system in the shipping and receiving area outside of standard shipping times.

Video alarms are also important for the added ability to verify alarms, which reduces the chance of paying false alarm fines. With video alarms, you are able to share real-time video of an event as it unfolds with emergency responders. That way they can respond quickly and appropriately.

In a recent comparison of video alarms vs. standard panel alarms, Solink Video Alarms came out way ahead.

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Find suspicious cash handling within your business

Learn how easy it is to uncover suspicious cash handling in our self-guided tour.