Retail merchandising companies list

Learn how to merchandise your retail store with our guide about retail store merchandising

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Navigating the dynamic world of retail can be a complex endeavor, especially when seeking the right partners to elevate your brand’s presence in the market. As we step into 2023, the demand for top-tier retail merchandising firms has never been higher. In this article, we present a retail merchandising companies list, which is a curated collection of 10 industry leaders that have made significant strides in shaping the retail landscape. 

Whether you’re a brand looking to enhance your in-store experience or a retailer aiming to maximize product visibility, this list is your comprehensive guide to the best retail merchandising companies in the business.

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What is retail merchandising?

Retail merchandising is the strategic arrangement and presentation of products in a store or retail space. The primary goal is to make products attractive, accessible, and appealing to customers, thereby driving sales. It involves a blend of aesthetics, science, and business strategies, ranging from visual displays to pricing and promotional activities.

In essence, retail merchandising is about creating an environment where consumers can easily find what they’re looking for and be enticed by additional products. A well-merchandised store not only draws customers in but also encourages them to spend more time and money.

Learn how to merchandise your retail store with our guide about retail store merchandising

Why should you look to a merchandising company to help?

Merchandising companies bring expertise, experience, and specialized knowledge to the table. They understand market trends, consumer behavior, and the intricacies of product display techniques. This professional insight ensures that products are presented in the most effective and appealing manner, optimizing sales potential.

Furthermore, these companies often employ cutting-edge technologies and data analytics to inform their strategies. This means they can provide tailored solutions, adapting to the unique needs of a store or brand. Engaging with a merchandising company can lead to increased foot traffic, higher sales, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

How can heatmaps help with merchandising?

Heatmaps are visual tools that showcase where customers spend the most time in a store. Using colors, they indicate areas of high and low traffic or engagement. When retailers analyze these patterns, they can identify hotspots, which are areas attracting the most attention, and dead zones that see less activity. This understanding is invaluable for effective merchandising.

Solink offers customer heatmaps, providing retailers with an edge in optimizing their store layout. By placing high-margin or promotional products in these hotspots, retailers can capitalize on areas of high engagement. 

Similarly, they can revamp dead zones to enhance customer interactions and product interest. Leveraging heatmaps, especially ones provided by Solink, ensures that retailers have a data-informed approach to merchandising, maximizing both engagement and sales.

How often should you update the merchandising of your store?

Regularly updating store merchandising is vital to keeping the shopping experience fresh and engaging. Typically, retailers should consider minor updates every month, aligning with promotional cycles or seasonal changes. This ensures that displays remain relevant and resonate with current consumer interests.

For more significant overhauls, a quarterly or bi-annual approach might be more appropriate. This could coincide with major seasons, like spring and fall, or big retail events like back-to-school and holiday shopping. Regular updates not only cater to returning customers but also attract new ones, as a fresh and dynamic store presentation can be a significant draw.

10 retail merchandising companies you should consider

For businesses in the retail sector, choosing the right merchandising partner can make a world of difference. The way products are presented, promoted, and positioned plays a pivotal role in influencing customer purchasing decisions. As we delve into 2023, several merchandising companies have emerged as industry frontrunners, setting standards in innovation, design, and strategy.

 In this section, we highlight 10 retail store merchandising companies that have consistently delivered outstanding results and are shaping the future of retail.

Here is a list of 10 retail merchandising companies: 

  1. Visual Citi
  2. Lawrence Merchandising Services
  3. Acosta Sales & Marketing
  4. Match Retail
  5. RMS Merchandising
  6. T-ROC (The Revenue Optimization Companies)
  7. Advantage Sales & Marketing
  8. Driveline Retail Merchandising
  9. Set and Service Resources (SASR)
  10. Premium Retail Services

Visual Citi is a leader in the world of visual communications and branding solutions. They specialize in offering tailor-made services that range from signage design and production to nationwide installations. With a broad clientele that spans various industries, Visual Citi has consistently delivered on creating impactful brand experiences.

The company has carved a niche for itself in blending creative design with technical expertise. This unique combination enables them to conceptualize and execute complex projects that not only enhance brand visibility but also resonate with the target audience. Their commitment to quality and timely delivery has earned them the trust of many top-tier brands.

An interesting facet of Visual Citi is their dedication to sustainability. They are conscious of the environmental implications of their work and continuously strive to incorporate eco-friendly materials and practices in their projects.

Lawrence Merchandising Services (LMS) is a renowned merchandising and retail service company with a history dating back to 1965. Their expertise is in providing clients with specialized retail services, encompassing everything from planogramming to in-store visual merchandising.

One of LMS’s strengths lies in its vast network of over 4,000 merchandising specialists spread across the United States. This extensive reach allows them to serve both national retailers and manufacturers, ensuring that products are presented in the best possible manner to attract consumers.

Furthermore, LMS invests heavily in training and technology. Their merchandisers are equipped with cutting-edge tools and resources, ensuring that they deliver high-quality, consistent services. This dedication to excellence has resulted in long-term relationships with many prominent brands and retailers.

Acosta is a sales and marketing agency with a focus on the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry. They offer a full spectrum of services, ranging from retail merchandising to marketing analytics. With decades of experience under their belt, Acosta has been instrumental in shaping shopping habits by ensuring that brands are visible, attractive, and engaging.

Their extensive network covers North America, ensuring that they have a presence in key markets. This has enabled Acosta to serve a wide range of clients, from emerging brands to well-established ones. Their integrated approach ensures that brands have a consistent and impactful presence across all retail touchpoints.

A notable feature of Acosta is their commitment to data-driven strategies. They harness the power of data to glean insights about market trends, consumer behavior, and more. This analytical approach ensures that their strategies are not only effective but also continuously evolving.

Match Retail is a dynamic player in the world of retail merchandising and branded experiences. They have a reputation for delivering innovative solutions that drive engagement and sales. Their services encompass everything from retail design and installations to brand ambassador programs.

Central to Match Retail’s ethos is their belief in the power of human connections. They strive to create in-store experiences that foster genuine interactions between brands and consumers. Their team of experts is trained to understand the nuances of different brands and adapt strategies accordingly.

What sets Match Retail apart is their commitment to adaptability. They understand that the retail landscape is ever-evolving, and they pride themselves on their ability to stay ahead of the curve. This forward-thinking approach has made them a preferred partner for many renowned brands.

RMS Merchandising, commonly known as Retail Merchandising Services, is committed to delivering top-notch merchandising services. They focus on ensuring that products not only reach the shelves but also make a mark on consumers. With an extensive team of professionals, they cater to various retail categories, including DIY, consumer electronics, and more.

The company stands out for its commitment to flexibility. Recognizing that every retailer and brand has unique needs, RMS offers customized solutions that align with specific objectives. This ensures that the product presentation is optimized for maximum impact.

Additionally, RMS values transparency and open communication. Clients are provided with real-time data and reporting, allowing them to monitor the performance and effectiveness of the merchandising strategies in place.

T-ROC is an umbrella organization encompassing several companies, each specializing in different facets of retail and technology. Together, they provide a comprehensive suite of solutions that drive sales and optimize revenue. Their services range from outsourced sales to retail analytics.

What sets T-ROC apart is their holistic approach to retail. They understand that success in the modern retail landscape requires a blend of human expertise and technology. Hence, they leverage data-driven insights to inform their strategies, ensuring that brands and retailers maximize their ROI.

Furthermore, T-ROC places a strong emphasis on innovation. They continuously seek out novel ways to enhance the retail experience, staying at the forefront of industry trends and technological advancements. Their commitment to pushing boundaries has cemented their reputation as pioneers in the field of retail optimization.

Advantage Sales & Marketing, now known as Advantage Solutions, is a powerhouse in the realm of brand solutions and sales marketing. Their primary goal is to create value for clients by driving brand consistency and shopper loyalty. With a vast array of services, they cater to the diverse needs of both retailers and manufacturers.

One of the striking features of Advantage Solutions is its dedication to innovation. By keeping abreast of market trends and technological advancements, they ensure that their strategies are always fresh, relevant, and effective. This adaptability is mirrored in their vast portfolio, which includes both up-and-coming brands and industry stalwarts.

Furthermore, their expertise is grounded in data and analytics. By tapping into these insights, Advantage Solutions crafts strategies that resonate with target demographics, ensuring both brand visibility and engagement.

Driveline Retail Merchandising stands as one of the industry’s premier retail merchandising and workforce solutions providers. They boast a formidable suite of tools and strategies designed to boost in-store product visibility and sales. Their reach spans across the United States, with thousands of skilled representatives on the ground.

Central to Driveline’s success is its emphasis on technology. They’ve developed proprietary software solutions that allow for real-time tracking, reporting, and management of in-store activities. This ensures not only efficiency but also consistency in the services they deliver.

In addition to their technological prowess, Driveline places a strong emphasis on training. Their workforce is continuously educated on the latest retail trends and strategies, ensuring that they bring value and expertise to each project they undertake.

Set and Service Resources, commonly known as SASR, is a leading provider of retail staffing and temporary labor solutions. Their services cater to a wide range of needs, from short-term merchandising projects to long-term retail staffing requirements. With a vast pool of qualified professionals, they’re equipped to handle the diverse demands of the retail industry.

SASR’s strength lies in its ability to provide flexible solutions. Recognizing the ebb and flow of retail demands, they ensure that businesses have the right staff at the right time. This adaptability not only ensures optimal productivity but also significant cost savings.

Moreover, SASR employs a rigorous vetting process, ensuring that they onboard only the most qualified and skilled professionals. This commitment to quality has earned them a reputation for reliability and excellence in the retail sector.

Premium Retail Services is synonymous with excellence in the realm of retail merchandising and consumer sales. Their primary objective is to amplify brands and enhance the overall shopping experience. By forging meaningful connections between brands and consumers, they drive both loyalty and sales.

What sets Premium apart is their comprehensive approach. They don’t just focus on getting products onto shelves; they strive to create immersive brand experiences. This entails everything from innovative in-store displays to interactive product demos.

Furthermore, their emphasis on continuous learning and development ensures that their team is always equipped with the latest skills and knowledge. By fostering a culture of excellence and innovation, Premium Retail Services consistently delivers results that exceed client expectations.

In today’s retail environment, leveraging technology to understand customer behavior is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. Solink’s heatmaps offer an invaluable tool for retailers aiming to elevate their merchandising strategies. 

By visualizing customer movements and interactions within the store, retailers can make informed decisions about product placement, store layout, and promotional tactics. Embracing Solink’s heatmaps not only ensures that every square foot of retail space is optimized for sales but also guarantees an enhanced shopping experience for customers. If you’re seeking a competitive edge in retail, integrating Solink’s heatmaps into your merchandising approach is a step in the right direction.

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