Solink Presents Contextual Analytics at Rutgers University

December 11, 2017
We had the pleasure and privilege to be part of Rutgers Business School’s 33rd World Continuous Auditing & Reporting Symposium. Rutgers University is well known as a leading university worldwide for analytics and continuous monitoring, having published numerous papers on the topic. This conference brings together researchers, academics, thought leaders, and practitioners from top firms and leading institutions to discuss the current trends and innovations, and Contextual Analytics was one of those innovations.

Our VP of Platform, Solon Angel, was invited to talk about what we are doing at Solink to innovate continuous monitoring. He was introduced by Micheal Cangemi, author, speaker, advisor to Solink, Founder and President of Cangemi Company. Michael kicked off the presentation by recounting his own experience with data analytics: while working in the retail environment just 10 years ago, Michael used his interest in data and a bit of creativity to find new ways to analyze POS data to detect fraud. At the time this was quite advanced, but in his words “what Solink does makes it seem archaic”.

One of our favourite sayings at Solink is that “1s and 0s can only take you so far, at a certain point you need real world insights.” (Click to Tweet) It’s easy to misinterpret information when you are just looking at transactional data. But video shows an actual recount of what happened, making it pretty difficult to misinterpret or manipulate the data. This is the significance of Contextual Analytics.

With this in mind, the message that Solon wanted to communicate at Rutgers is that video is the new dimension in continuous monitoring. (Click to Tweet)

We want to thank Rutgers for inviting us. The feedback we received from the audience was very positive and it sparked many meaningful conversations and ideas. We are already looking forward to being back in 2015!

Here’s what attendees we’re talking about during the conference:

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