Video monitoring as a service (VMaaS): The benefits and use cases

August 16, 2023

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Crime is on the rise, and businesses are looking for new ways to protect themselves. However, economic uncertainty means that budgets aren’t necessarily increasing with these new security demands. One way to get more out your security system with fewer resources is video monitoring as a service (VMaaS)

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What is video monitoring as a service?

Here is a basic definition of VMaaS:

Note that VMaaS is also used to describe vulnerability management as a service, which is a similar service but geared towards cybersecurity instead of physical security. For this article, VMaaS specifically refers to the monitored services provided through a cloud-based security camera system.

VMaaS vs. VSaaS

Video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) and video monitoring as a service (VMaaS) are distinct but related services. VSaaS refers to a video analytics platform that connects to physical security infrastructure to provide new business insights. This is accomplished through artificial intelligence (AI) and smart integrations that bring multiple streams of data together with security footage.

VMaaS can be considered an extension of the VSaaS platform. While VSaaS is a self-serve video analytics platform, VMaaS offers professional real-time monitoring services. This helps your VSaaS platform replace expensive security services such as panel alarms or live security personnel.

What are the main features of video monitoring as a service?

Video surveillance as a service businesses bring new life to existing security cameras. By connecting to the cloud, VSaaS solutions integrate your video surveillance and other systems to provide business insights. 

Here are some of the features available in VSaaS platforms.

Video alarms

Video alarms use your existing security cameras as an alarm system. Instead of sensors on doors and windows, video alarms protect entire areas. That means they can be triggered faster, even when intrusions occur through unpredictable ways. 

In fact, in a recent comparison between traditional panel alarms and video alarms, Solink Video Alarms Monitoring Service outperformed in every way:

Video verification

Whether you are looking to replace or enhance your alarm system with video alarms, alarm verification is the biggest benefit of a VMaaS system. Verified alarms are a step between your alarm system being triggered and police dispatch.

When motion is detected, train professionals review the footage to confirm it isn’t one of many possible false alarms:

  • The wind
  • A vendor
  • Employees coming in early
  • Someone testing the door knob as they walk by

All of these false alarms lead to major false alarm fines. In fact, in many jurisdictions a single false alarm fine can be more than the cost of a year of monitoring service through your VMaaS provider. 

Virtual guarding

Virtual guards are the easiest way to improve the security of your business without a major budget increase. Virtual guarding uses your VMaaS system to replace live security guards. While being the budget-friendly option, that does not mean virtual guards are the lesser option. 

In fact, security guards have many disadvantages compared to virtual guards, not least that they can’t be everywhere at once. Virtual guarding gives you eyes on your entire business at once, so you always know exactly what is happening.

Remote video monitoring

As businesses grow, managers can no longer be at all locations at once. Remote video monitoring makes it possible for larger companies to maintain control of all their locations. From proactive real-time monitoring to reactive loss prevention audits to uncover issues, being able to keep an eye on all your locations remotely is a key contributor to the success of multi-location businesses.

Video monitoring as a service FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about VMaaS.

What is video surveillance as a service?

Video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) provides video analytics services to users including remote storage, management, viewing, sharing, and monitoring of security video footage in the cloud. 

What is video monitoring as a service?

Video monitoring as a service (VMaaS) uses your cloud-based video analytics to provide video verification, virtual guarding, enhanced security, and real-time surveillance.

How does VMaaS work?

VMaaS uses your cloud-based video surveillance system to provide real-time monitoring services. Trained professionals review motion events across your premises to confirm whether there is a true threat and then share the live security camera feeds with emergency responders. This leads to faster and better responses when they are necessary and fewer false alarm fines when they aren’t.

What are the advantages of video monitoring as a service?

VMaaS offers many advantages in addition to those provided by a video analytics platform. The biggest advantages are the following:

  • Reduced false alarm fines
  • Improved security compared to traditional panel alarms
  • Lower costs than live security guards
  • The ability to locked down parts of a building while the rest is open for business

What is required for VMaaS?

Video monitoring as a service requires a combination of hardware and software. Security cameras, cloud and/or local video storage capacity, and an Internet connection are the main hardware requirements. 

In addition, VMaaS is built on top of other video surveillance software, such as a cloud video management system or a video analytics platform.

Video monitoring as a service is an extension of your video surveillance platform. It gives you the added value of professional real-time monitoring. In conjunction with video alarms, it can replace other expensive services. In fact, most businesses find that their video alarms produce positive ROI just from reduced false alarm fines. 

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