Feature Spotlight:
Motion search tool

August 4, 2021

Complete video investigations in half the time using the power of motion search.

This month, we’re highlighting a benefit of the Solink platform that allows you to cut the time needed for video investigations in half using motion search.

Before we show you the motion search feature in the Solink platform, let’s talk about how motion detection works in other video surveillance systems. Traditional motion detection requires a region of interest (ROI) to be selected before motion is captured from video. This creates a tradeoff between creating a large ROI that generates a deluge of useless motion events or a precise ROI that might miss important motion occurring just outside of the selected region. In both cases, hours of time are wasted fast forwarding through video trying to locate a specific moment during an investigation.

Solink’s motion search tool flips that model on its head, allowing you to search for motion in any region of your video by simply drawing a ROI while watching recorded video. Once your region is selected, the video player’s timeline will show you when motion occurred and allow you to jump between segments of motion to pinpoint the exact moment you’re searching for. This eliminates the need to fast forward through empty video by skipping over sections that don’t contain motion in your specific ROI.

The following video walks you through an investigation into an employee’s morning break using motion search.

Finally, Solink supercharges your existing cameras with cutting edge capabilities normally found on high end (and high priced) equipment. Easily configure your existing cameras to detect motion from people or vehicles to further enhance your search for meaningful video segments in a matter of seconds. Every Solink subscription allows you to add people or vehicle detection on up to 5 of your existing cameras at no additional cost.

Check out this handy guide in our help center to learn more about using Solink’s motion search tool.

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