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Intrusion detection

In physical security, intrusion detection is using technology to identify unauthorized entrance into a facility.

What is intrusion detection?

Intrusion detection is identifying unauthorized entrance into an area, including networks. In physical intrusion detection, access control systems, security cameras, fences, and doors are utilized to prevent unauthorized access as well as to build access control points where intrusion detection is possible.

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Why is intrusion detection important?

Intrusion detection is one of key components of a loss prevention system. It is important that any unauthorized entry into an area is detected so that an appropriate response can be made. Loss prevention is a major reason to implement an intrusion detection system. Unauthorized people gaining entry through your security perimeter would be able to get away with valuable merchandise or equipment if they are not detected.

However, loss prevention is only one reason for installing an intrusion detection system. Unauthorized entries can also represent a legal liability. Worksites are often dangerous and require special training to avoid injuries. An unauthorized visitor to such sites could be injured, leaving the company potentially open to a lawsuit.

Access control systems and video alarms represent two of the most popular intrusion detection systems. Access control systems notify responders when a door or window has been opened. Video alarms complement or replace access control systems by recognizing suspicious activity across entire areas including outside of doors, windows, fences, etc. and notifying owners in real time. This can also cut down on false alarms.

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Find suspicious cash handling within your business

Learn how easy it is to uncover suspicious cash handling in our self-guided tour.