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Wired camera

Wired security cameras require one or more cable for power and/or data transmission. The most common wired cameras use power over Ethernet (PoE) to simultaneously receive electricity and transmit data over a single Ethernet cable.

What are wired cameras?

Wired cameras can refer to several types of cameras that require one or two wired connections for power and/or data transmission.

Classic analog security cameras have two wired connections. The first is used for powering the camera, while the second, a coax cable, is used for transmitting data.

WiFi cameras usually have a power line while transmitting video data using WiFi. They can also be battery powered. However, both WiFi and battery power are less robust than the wired alternatives.

We have a separate article that discusses everything you need to know about business security camera systems, including wired cameras.

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Why are wired cameras important?

Wired security cameras, especially IP cameras using PoE connections, are the main video surveillance cameras in use today. They are dependable and easy to install.

Solink is compatible with most wired cameras on the market today. Here’s a comprehensive list of the security cameras compatible with Solink’s platform.

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Find suspicious cash handling within your business

Learn how easy it is to uncover suspicious cash handling in our self-guided tour.