Manufacturing remote video surveillance: The benefits and use cases

Cctv camera in a factory.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Factories, with their intricate processes, are a testament to efficiency and productivity. Manufacturing remote video surveillance plays a crucial role in ensuring the seamless operation of these processes. It’s not just about security; it’s a comprehensive tool that enhances various facets of manufacturing.

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Cctv camera in a factory.

What is manufacturing remote video surveillance?

Manufacturing remote video surveillance involves real-time monitoring of plants through security cameras and advanced analytics. This technology offers numerous benefits, from enhanced security and cost reduction to improved efficiency and deeper understanding of core metrics. Beyond just improving security and safety, this surveillance system extends its advantages to various operational aspects.

15 benefits of manufacturing remote video surveillance

Being able to monitor your business in real time has both security and non-security benefits. 

Here are 15 benefits of manufacturing remote video surveillance:

  1. Identify retraining needs
  2. Respond to issues in real time
  3. Virtual guarding
  4. Remote monitoring
  5. Better asset protection/loss prevention
  6. Reduced labor expenses and hiring needs
  7. Better security with faster emergency response
  8. Alarm verification
  9. Reduced inventory shrinkage
  10. Enhanced safety
  11. Optimized operations
  12. Document events
  13. Upgrade your access control system
  14. Lower insurance premiums
  15. Keep shipping and receiving on time

Identify retraining needs

Retraining needs in manufacturing often go unnoticed, leading to lost productivity. Surveillance helps identify such needs. For instance, patterns of recurring errors indicate training gaps. Solink’s video analytics can pinpoint specific areas of underperformance or mistakes, guiding targeted retraining efforts. This is essential for addressing issues like time theft and safety lapses due to shortcuts.

Respond to issues in real time

Addressing problems as they occur prevents minor issues from escalating into major disruptions. For example, a delay in unloading a truck can lead to a complete work stoppage. Real-time monitoring with systems like Solink’s Threshold Notifications allows for immediate action when key metrics fall outside set limits, ensuring operational continuity.

Virtual guarding

Virtual guarding replaces or supplements physical security guards with live video surveillance equipment. This approach offers cost savings and uninterrupted monitoring. Surveillance cameras provide objective evidence and cover large areas, making them ideal for monitoring expansive manufacturing facilities.

Remote monitoring

Remote video monitoring enables policy compliance audits from anywhere. While in-person inspections are crucial, remote video surveillance complements these by allowing frequent follow-ups on safety or security violations, ensuring continuous adherence to company policies.

Remote video surveillance deters internal theft in factories, protecting materials, finished products, and equipment. It creates a strong deterrence against criminal activity and helps quickly resolve incidents by reviewing footage to understand what happened and who was involved.

Reduced labor expenses and hiring needs

By replacing on-site security guards with virtual guarding and improving operational efficiency, manufacturing remote video surveillance can significantly reduce labor expenses. This system also helps in identifying productivity issues, allowing for more efficient workforce management.

Better security with faster emergency response

Complete video management systems like Solink enhance security and enable rapid response to incidents. Features like Solink Video Alarms Monitoring Service improve detection and enable sharing live footage with emergency responders for a more appropriate reaction.

Alarm verification

Alarm verification allows real-time review of incidents, ensuring appropriate emergency responses and reducing false alarms. This feature not only improves security but also saves money by avoiding false alarm fines.

Surveillance plays a crucial role in reducing inventory losses in factories. Monitoring materials and products minimizes theft and misplacement, directly impacting the bottom line.

Enhanced safety

Surveillance ensures a safer working environment by monitoring compliance with safety protocols. It helps maintain clear emergency exits, proper equipment usage, and adherence to internal traffic signage, contributing to overall workplace safety.

Optimized operations

Remote video surveillance helps identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in real time, improving productivity. It enables managers to quickly address issues that impede operational flow, ensuring smoother manufacturing processes.

Document events

Solink bridges the gap between video management and case management, allowing for easy documentation and sharing of video footage of events. This feature is crucial for internal investigations and legal compliance.

Upgrade your access control system

Integrating surveillance with access control systems enhances monitoring and management of facility access, providing an additional layer of security and operational control.

Lower insurance premiums

Improved safety and security from video surveillance can lead to reduced insurance costs. Demonstrating a commitment to safety and security through surveillance can lower risk profiles and insurance premiums.

Keep shipping and receiving on time

Surveillance extends beyond factory walls, ensuring logistics operations like shipping and receiving are conducted safely and on schedule. This helps maintain operational efficiency and prevents delays in the supply chain.

Manufacturing remote video surveillance, particularly with the integration of Solink’s technology, offers a comprehensive suite of benefits that enhance various aspects of manufacturing operations. From improving safety and security to optimizing efficiency and reducing costs, this technology is an invaluable tool in the modern manufacturing landscape. 

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