100+ POS systems for every industry (2024)

November 19, 2023

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

In the digital age, the point of sale (POS) system is the backbone of every business—be it retail, restaurants, or niche industries like dry cleaning and cannabis dispensaries. A robust POS system not only handles transactions but also manages inventory, employee schedules, and customer relationships. Here are 100+ POS systems for you to choose from.

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What is a POS system?

A modern POS system is far more than a fancy cash register. It serves as the epicenter for your business operations, integrating sales with inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM), and even e-commerce in some cases. 

These systems leverage cloud technology for real-time data synchronization, allowing business owners to access crucial information from anywhere. Features like digital receipts, contactless payments, and mobile compatibility improve cash handling while streamlining operations.

In addition to core functions like transaction processing and inventory tracking, modern POS systems come loaded with analytical tools for deeper business insights. Advanced systems even offer integrated modules for employee management, including time tracking and role-based permissions. 

With the integration of Solink, you can enhance your POS system to include cloud-based video surveillance, loss prevention, and comprehensive business analytics. This holistic approach offers a multi-dimensional view of your business, enabling more informed decisions.

What should you look for in a modern POS system?

When choosing a modern POS solution, you should consider a range of features that can help you streamline operations, enhance customer experience, and secure your business. Here’s a list of crucial features to look for:

  • Inventory management: Efficient tracking of stock levels, orders, and returns is essential for any business.
  • High security: POS monitoring for both cyber and physical threats is a mandatory feature to keep your business safe. 
  • Customer relationship management (CRM): A built-in CRM helps you collect customer data and target marketing more effectively.
  • Mobile compatibility: Look for systems that offer mobile POS capabilities to enable transactions right on the floor, improving customer experience.
  • Payment flexibility: The POS system should accept multiple forms of payment including credit/debit cards and mobile payments.
  • Analytics and reporting: Comprehensive reports give you insights into sales trends, inventory levels, and customer behavior.
  • Employee management: Role-based access control and time tracking features can help manage your team more effectively.
  • Cloud based: Real-time synchronization and remote access are possible with cloud-based systems, making them highly convenient.
  • Integrated e-commerce: If your business has an online presence, integrated e-commerce capabilities are a must-have feature.
  • Security features: Encryption and secure data storage features protect sensitive customer and business information.
  • Seamless integrations: The ability to integrate with other software, like Solink for cloud video surveillance, can add layers of functionality to your POS system. Sometimes it’s more important to have a flexible, integrated POS system that can have all the needed features added than a more functional system out of the box. If you can’t see whether Solink integrates with your POS, reach out! We’ll try to build a custom integration.

Selecting a POS system with these features will set a solid foundation for efficient and secure business operations. Here are 100+ POS systems to use across industries.

Retail POS systems

Retail is the cornerstone of consumerism, offering everything from clothing to electronics. Speed and inventory management are key concerns here. Retail POS systems must be capable of high-speed transactions and have robust inventory tracking features. Many systems also offer customer relationship management (CRM) tools and detailed sales reports, which are invaluable to retail businesses.

Here are 10 popular retail POS systems:

  1. Lightspeed Retail
  2. Shopify POS
  3. Heartland Retail
  4. CashierLive
  5. RetailExpress
  6. MicroBiz
  7. Stax Payments
  8. Epos Now
  9. Suite POS
  10. Bindo

Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed integration.

If you are looking at an older list of the POS systems, you’ll probably find a lot of defunct businesses with websites pointing to Lightspeed. They are one of the biggest dedicated POS companies around today and with all of their acquisitions over the years could be found in any section of this list, as well as others like golf.

Lightspeed Retail is a comprehensive POS solution tailored for small- to medium-sized retail businesses. It offers a multitude of features, including inventory management, CRM, and e-commerce integrations. The cloud-based system ensures real-time synchronization, allowing access to crucial data from anywhere at any time.

Solink integrates with Lightspeed.

Shopify POS

The shopify logo on a green background.

Shopify POS is a versatile point-of-sale solution designed primarily for retail and online stores. The system seamlessly integrates with Shopify’s e-commerce platform, offering real-time synchronization between online and physical stores. It features robust inventory management and various payment options to enhance customer experience.

Solink integrates with Shopify POS.

Heartland Retail

Heartland integration.

Heartland Retail focuses on customer-centric retailers. The cloud-based system offers a range of features, such as CRM capabilities, real-time inventory tracking, and multi-store management. It provides valuable insights into customer behavior and sales performance.

Solink integrates with Heartland Retail.


Cashier live logo on a white background.

CashierLive is an affordable POS system designed to meet the needs of smaller retail operations. It offers basic functionalities like inventory management, transaction processing, and simple reporting tools. Its straightforward interface makes it user-friendly for both employees and managers.


Retail express logo on a black background.

RetailExpress aims to help retailers scale their operations efficiently. This cloud-based system provides advanced inventory management and CRM features. It also offers capabilities for managing multiple outlets and warehouses, making it ideal for expanding retail businesses.


Microbiz retail management software.

MicroBiz is a cloud-based POS system that specializes in automating retail store operations. Its key features include real-time inventory tracking, customer management, and multi-location support. MicroBiz focuses on reducing manual workload while providing actionable insights.

Stax Payments

A logo with the word stax on it.

Stax Payments offers a streamlined POS solution with a focus on transparent pricing. The platform includes essential features like inventory management, invoicing, and real-time analytics. It appeals to businesses looking for a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to POS.

Epos Now

The logo for esosnow.

Epos Now offers a POS solution that serves both retail and hospitality industries. It provides features like inventory management, staff scheduling, and comprehensive reporting. This cloud-based POS system allows for flexibility and real-time data access.


The bindo pos logo on a black background.

Bindo is a cloud-based POS system that focuses on small- to medium-sized retail stores. It offers inventory tracking, customer profiles, and a range of analytics tools. Bindo aims to be an all-in-one solution for retailers, offering both in-store and online capabilities.

Restaurant POS systems

The restaurant industry is fast-paced and requires instantaneous decision-making. Restaurants need POS systems with table management, order tracking, and seamless integration with kitchen display systems. Features like bill splitting bill and tips management are often crucial, and the ability to handle online orders can be a significant advantage. 

Here are 15 popular restaurant POS systems: 

  1. Toast
  2. Lavu
  3. Focus POS
  4. Square
  5. TouchBistro
  6. Sapaad
  7. Rezku
  8. TrueKonnects
  9. POSRocket
  10. Orderbird
  11. Franpos
  12. FoodZaps
  13. Poster
  14. SelbySoft
  15. SplitAbility


The toast logo on a black background.

Toast is a comprehensive POS system built specifically for restaurants. It provides a wide range of features like online ordering, table management, and an integrated CRM. Toast aims to provide a one-stop solution for all restaurant management needs, streamlining operations and enhancing the guest experience.

Solink integrates with Toast.


The logo for lauv.

Lavu is a mobile POS system tailored for restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. It offers tableside ordering, staff management, and inventory control features. The system aims to streamline restaurant operations and improve customer service through its intuitive design.

Solink integrates with Lavu.

Focus POS

Focus POS systems integration.

Focus POS is designed for the foodservice industry, offering a range of features to improve operational efficiency. It includes table management, employee scheduling, and customizable menu options. The system also provides robust analytics to help businesses optimize their operations.

Solink integrates with Focus POS.


Square integration.

Square is a versatile POS system that caters to a wide range of industries, from retail and restaurants to service-based businesses. It offers an intuitive interface with features like inventory management, customer profiles, and digital receipts. Square’s flexibility makes it a popular choice for small businesses looking to manage both in-person and online sales seamlessly.

Solink integrates with Square.


Touch Bistro integration.

TouchBistro is specifically designed for the food service industry, offering a robust set of features tailored to the needs of restaurants, cafes, and bars. The system allows for tableside ordering via iPads, customizable menus, and floor plan layouts. It also offers in-depth analytics for better understanding customer behavior and optimizing sales.

Solink integrates with TouchBistro.


The logo for sapad r.

Sapaad is a cloud-based POS system that specializes in the restaurant industry. It offers features like inventory management, real-time reporting, and CRM capabilities. Sapaad focuses on enhancing operational efficiency and aims to provide restaurateurs with the tools needed for successful business management.


The logo for rezku pos.

Rezku targets the hospitality industry with its cloud-based POS system. The system offers table management, payment processing, and customer loyalty programs among its features. Rezku focuses on providing reliable, intuitive solutions to restaurants to streamline their operations and improve the customer experience.



TrueKonnects offers a unique, AI-powered POS system designed primarily for the restaurant industry. It provides standard features like inventory management and employee scheduling, along with customer engagement tools powered by machine learning. The system aims to boost customer retention and optimize operational efficiency.


The logo for pos rocket.

POSRocket is a cloud-based POS system designed for restaurants, cafes, and food trucks. It offers features like menu customization, inventory tracking, and customer relationship management. With its user-friendly interface, POSRocket focuses on simplifying the ordering process and improving overall operational efficiency.


The orderbird logo on a black background.

Orderbird is a mobile POS system tailored for the foodservice industry. It offers order management, payment processing, and real-time reporting features. Orderbird aims to make restaurant operations more efficient while also offering flexibility through its mobile-based system.


The francos logo on a black background.

Franpos is designed for franchise businesses, offering specialized tools for multi-location management. Features include inventory tracking, employee management, and customer loyalty programs. Franpos focuses on simplifying the complexities of managing a franchise operation.


A green logo with the word fodzaps.

FoodZaps specializes in providing mobile POS solutions for the food and beverage industry. The system includes order management, inventory tracking, and table layout customization. With a focus on flexibility and mobile accessibility, FoodZaps aims to make restaurant operations more efficient.


The poster logo on a white background.

Poster is a versatile POS system that caters to both the foodservice and retail industries. It offers features like inventory management, financial reporting, and employee time tracking. Poster aims to be a user-friendly and cost-effective solution for small- to medium-sized businesses.


Selbysoft - your pos solution.

SelbySoft targets coffee shops and quick-service restaurants. It provides features like touchscreen ordering, inventory tracking, and gift card management. The system is designed to speed up the ordering process while still maintaining accuracy in transactions.


Splitability logo on a white background.

SplitAbility, though versatile enough to serve other industries, offers features like table-side ordering and tab management, which can be adapted for restaurant use. It aims to make transactions smooth and efficient, whether you’re dealing with a dine-in restaurant or a busy salon.

Cannabis POS systems

Cannabis dispensaries operate within a strict legal framework. Therefore, POS systems for cannabis need to include age verification and must adhere to local laws and regulations about selling controlled substances. These systems also require stringent inventory tracking and reporting capabilities.

Here are five popular cannabis POS systems:

  1. Blaze POS
  2. Flowhub
  3. MJ Freeway
  4. Dutchie
  5. Countr
  6. Cova

Blaze POS

The blaze logo on a black background.

Blaze POS is a comprehensive point of sale (POS) system designed specifically for the cannabis industry. It’s tailored to meet the unique regulatory compliance requirements of cannabis retailers while streamlining their operations. Blaze POS integrates various features like inventory management, sales tracking, customer relationship management, and compliance reporting to ensure that cannabis businesses operate efficiently within the legal framework.

By providing tools to manage every aspect of the business from seed to sale, Blaze POS helps cannabis dispensaries maintain compliance with state laws, manage their inventories effectively, and provide a smooth customer experience. It’s an example of a niche POS system that caters to the specific needs of its targeted industry sector.


A green and black logo with the letter a.

Flowhub specializes in serving the cannabis industry, offering a cloud-based POS system that streamlines retail operations. With features like inventory management, compliance tracking, and customer identification verification, Flowhub aims to simplify the complexities of cannabis retail. The system provides real-time data and analytics to help businesses make informed decisions.

MJ Freeway

MJ Freeway-logo

MJ Freeway is another POS system tailored for the cannabis industry. It offers seed-to-sale tracking, point-of-sale capabilities, and business intelligence tools. With a focus on regulatory compliance and operational efficiency, MJ Freeway aims to be a complete solution for cannabis businesses, helping them navigate the intricate laws and guidelines that come with the industry.



Dutchie is a cannabis-focused POS system offering online ordering, delivery, and dispensary solutions. The platform aims to simplify operations while ensuring compliance with state laws. It offers features like real-time menu updates, inventory management, and customer tracking to provide a seamless retail experience for both businesses and consumers.

Solink integrates with Dutchie (formerly Leaf Logix).



Countr is a POS system originally designed for the retail industry but has features that can also cater to the cannabis sector. It provides basic functions like inventory management, sales tracking, and customer loyalty programs. While not exclusively cannabis-focused, Countr aims to offer a versatile, easy-to-use system that can be adapted to various retail needs, including those of cannabis dispensaries.


A black and grey logo.

Cova is designed specifically for cannabis retail, offering features like age verification, compliance monitoring, and inventory tracking. The system aims to simplify complex cannabis sales processes while ensuring that businesses stay compliant with local and state regulations. Cova focuses on providing a fast, intuitive point-of-sale experience for both employees and customers in the cannabis industry.

Solink integrates with Cova.

Salon and spa POS systems

Salons and spas are all about personalization and customer service. POS systems for these businesses should have appointment scheduling features and be able to handle packages and memberships. Additionally, they often require retail capabilities for selling beauty products.

Here are four popular salon and spa POS systems:

  1. Phorest
  2. Booker
  3. Paytouch
  4. MyTime



Phorest is a POS system specifically tailored for salons and spas. It offers appointment scheduling, inventory management, and client retention features like SMS and email marketing. Phorest aims to streamline the operational aspect of running a salon or spa, allowing businesses to focus more on delivering excellent service and less on admin tasks.



Booker is another industry-specific POS system focusing on salons and spas. Its features include online booking, customer management, and inventory control. With a focus on helping businesses grow, Booker offers marketing features and gift certificate options that encourage customer loyalty and increase revenue.



Paytouch is designed for various retail and service industries, including salons and spas. It offers features like employee management, customer loyalty programs, and detailed reporting. Paytouch aims to provide businesses with the tools they need to succeed, from maintaining customer relationships to managing inventory.



MyTime focuses on appointment-based businesses like salons and spas. It offers online booking, point-of-sale capabilities, and inventory management. Special features like automated marketing and reviews make it easier for businesses to retain and attract new customers. MyTime aims to be a one-stop solution for businesses that operate on appointments.

Grocery store POS systems

Grocery stores have a complex set of needs, including weighing produce, tracking perishable items, and managing a large volume of SKUs. supermarket POS systems need to be versatile, capable of handling multiple forms of payment, and have robust inventory management features.

Here are three popular grocery store POS systems:

  1. QuickBooks POS
  2. IT Retail
  3. MicroSale

QuickBooks POS

Intuit quickbooks point of sale logo.

QuickBooks POS is designed to be versatile, catering to a range of industries including grocery stores. It integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks accounting software, making it easier to keep track of sales, inventory, and customer data. This system aims to be a comprehensive solution for small- to medium-sized businesses, offering features like barcode scanning and credit card processing to facilitate quick and efficient transactions.

IT Retail

It retail logo on a white background.

IT Retail is a POS system built specifically for grocery stores. It offers specialized features such as inventory management, employee scheduling, and customer loyalty programs. With a focus on ease of use and efficiency, IT Retail aims to meet the specific challenges faced by grocery retailers, from managing perishable goods to optimizing staff productivity.

Solink integrates with IT Retail.


The microsale logo on a white background.

MicroSale offers a POS system designed to serve various industries, but its features can be adapted to meet the needs of grocery stores. It includes basic functions like inventory management, sales tracking, and employee management. MicroSale aims to provide a flexible, easy-to-use system that can be customized to fit the unique operational needs of each business, including grocery retailers.

Gym and fitness center POS systems

Gyms are membership-centric businesses. A gym POS system needs to manage memberships, class schedules, and sometimes even nutrition tracking for members. Systems should also be able to handle equipment rentals and retail sales for fitness gear.

Here are four popular gym and fitness center POS systems:

  1. Mindbody
  2. Vagaro
  3. Aptean Food & Beverage ERP
  4. Instore


Mindbody logo on a white background.

Mindbody is a specialized POS system for the wellness and fitness industry. It offers features like class scheduling, membership management, and automated marketing. Mindbody aims to provide a comprehensive solution for gyms and fitness centers, helping them manage both the operational and customer-facing aspects of their business.

Solink integrates with Mindbody.



Vagaro is designed for service industries like salons, spas, and fitness centers. It provides functionalities such as online booking, customer tracking, and inventory management. With its user-friendly interface and customizable options, Vagaro aims to make business management less complicated for fitness professionals.

Aptean Food & Beverage ERP

Aptean logo on a white background.

While its name suggests a focus on food and beverage, Aptean Food & Beverage ERP offers versatile features that can be adapted for gym and fitness centers. Inventory management, customer data, and sales tracking are among its capabilities. Although not exclusively designed for fitness centers, it aims to provide flexible, robust solutions for various types of businesses.


The instore logo on a white background.

Instore is another POS system that can be adapted to fit the needs of gym and fitness centers. It offers standard functionalities like sales tracking, employee management, and customer loyalty programs. While not specialized for the fitness industry, Instore aims to offer a reliable and easy-to-use system that can be customized according to business needs.

Hotel and resort POS systems

Hotels require POS systems that can handle room bookings, amenities, and sometimes even event management. These systems should integrate with online booking platforms and manage different rate plans and room types. They also often need to handle retail operations for gift shops or spas within the hotel.

Here are four popular hotel and resort POS systems:

  1. RoomKeyPMS
  2. eZee FrontDesk
  3. GuestServe
  4. POStech


Roomkey pms logo on a black background.

RoomKeyPMS is a property management system that also functions as a POS for hotels and resorts. It specializes in room booking, billing, and guest management. The system aims to centralize hotel operations and improve the guest experience, offering functionalities such as real-time room inventory and integrated payment processing.

eZee FrontDesk

Eze front desk hotel management software.

eZee FrontDesk is another hotel-specific POS system, offering features like room assignment, billing, and guest relationship management. It’s designed to serve the intricate requirements of hotels and resorts, aiming to make management effortless while enhancing the overall guest experience.


A black and white image of a man and a woman.

GuestServe is geared towards the hospitality industry, providing functionalities like reservation management, online booking, and guest information tracking. While it’s not a traditional POS, it still handles transactions and billing, aiming to offer a seamless experience for both guests and staff in hotels and resorts.


Posttech ltd logo on a black background.

POStech offers a versatile POS system that can be adapted for use in hotels and resorts. It provides basic features like sales tracking, inventory management, and customer engagement. While not exclusively designed for the hospitality industry, POStech aims to provide a robust and customizable system that can meet the specific needs of hotels and resorts.

Gas station POS systems

Gas stations often need to manage fuel pumps in addition to in-store retail. POS systems for gas stations must handle unique scenarios like pay-at-the-pump and fuel inventory tracking.

Here are four popular gas station POS systems:

  1. Petrosoft
  2. Epicor Retail Solutions
  3. POSnGo
  4. POSPi


The logo for petrossoft.

Petrosoft is a leading POS system tailored for the fuel and convenience retailing industry. It specializes in inventory management, fuel management, and sales tracking. Petrosoft aims to streamline the complexities of running a gas station, ensuring efficient operations and maximizing profits.

Epicor Retail Solutions


Epicor Retail Solutions is a robust POS system that caters to various industries, including gas stations. It offers features like inventory tracking, sales analytics, and customer loyalty programs. Although not specialized solely for gas stations, it’s flexible enough to adapt to the specific needs of the fuel industry.



POSnGo is a versatile POS system that can be used across multiple sectors, including gas stations. It focuses on sales tracking, payment processing, and employee management. Even though it’s not specialized for the fuel industry, POSnGo aims to provide an efficient and customizable POS solution suitable for gas stations.



POSPi is another multi-industry POS system that can be tailored for use in gas stations. It offers standard features like inventory management, sales tracking, and customer engagement. While not designed exclusively for gas stations, POSPi aims to offer a flexible and easy-to-use system that can be adapted according to specific business needs.

Automotive repair POS systems

Automotive repair shops require features like job estimates, parts ordering, and labor cost tracking. A good automotive POS system should be able to handle both the retail and service aspects of the business.

Here are four popular automotive repair POS systems:

  1. RO Writer
  2. Mitchell 1
  3. RanceLab FusionResto
  4. Cegid

RO Writer

RO Writer-pos-logo

RO Writer is a specialized POS system for automotive repair shops. It offers features such as job estimating, parts ordering, and customer management. RO Writer aims to streamline the operations of an automotive repair shop, making it easier for business owners to manage both customer relations and backend operations.

Mitchell 1

Mitchell 1 - the first choice automotive professionals.

Mitchell 1 is another automotive-focused POS system that provides comprehensive solutions for repair shops. Features include repair procedure documentation, diagnostics, and inventory management. Mitchell 1 aims to be an all-in-one platform for auto repair businesses, helping to improve efficiency and customer service.

RanceLab FusionResto

A logo for rancelab simplifying business practices.

While its name suggests it’s for restaurants, RanceLab FusionResto offers versatile features that can be adapted for automotive repair shops. It includes sales tracking, customer engagement, and inventory management. Although not specialized for automotive repair, it aims to offer a flexible and comprehensive system for businesses.


Cegid logo on a white background.

Cegid is a multi-industry POS system that can be customized for use in automotive repair shops. It provides a range of features like inventory control, sales analytics, and customer relationship management. While not specifically designed for the automotive sector, Cegid aims to offer a robust, adaptable system that meets the unique needs of automotive repair shops.

Healthcare POS systems

Healthcare settings need to manage patient records and billing. A healthcare POS system needs to be HIPAA compliant (or the local equivalent outside of the USA) and capable of handling insurance claims.

Here are four popular healthcare POS systems:

  1. CareCloud
  2. MedEZ
  3. HikeUp
  4. Smart POS



CareCloud is a healthcare-specific POS system offering features like appointment scheduling, billing, and patient management. It aims to provide a streamlined experience for healthcare providers, focusing on efficient management of patient information and seamless financial transactions.


The logo for med ez.

MedEZ offers a specialized POS solution for healthcare facilities, featuring capabilities such as billing, electronic health records, and patient scheduling. MedEZ is designed to make administrative tasks easier for healthcare providers, aiming to improve patient care through organized data management.



Although not exclusive to the healthcare industry, HikeUp offers a versatile POS system that can be adapted for healthcare settings. It includes features like inventory management, sales tracking, and customer engagement. HikeUp aims to provide a robust and customizable POS solution that can accommodate the unique needs of healthcare providers.

Smart POS

Smart POS-pos-logo

Smart POS is another multi-industry system that can be tailored for healthcare settings. It provides general features like sales analytics, inventory control, and payment processing. While not specialized for healthcare, Smart POS aims to offer a flexible platform that can be adapted to suit the specific operational needs of healthcare providers.

Nonprofit POS systems

Nonprofits need POS systems that can handle donations and gift agreements. Systems should also support features like volunteer management and issue tax receipts.

Here are four popular nonprofit POS systems:

  1. DonorPerfect
  2. Sumac
  3. Adobe Commerce
  4. Rediker


This icon shows a person under a magnifying glass, representing how Solink can help you find evidence during investigations.

DonorPerfect is a specialized POS system aimed at nonprofits, focusing on donor management, fundraising, and event planning. It aims to centralize all aspects of nonprofit operations, making it easier for organizations to track donations, plan campaigns, and manage relationships with donors.


The logo for sumac by silent partner software.

Sumac is another nonprofit-specific POS system that offers features like donor management, case tracking, and volunteer coordination. It aims to simplify the tasks involved in running a nonprofit organization, from fundraising to community outreach, thereby increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

Adobe Commerce

Adobe commerce logo on a black background.

Adobe Commerce offers a flexible e-commerce solution that can be adapted for nonprofits. Features include online store management, payment processing, and customer engagement. While not exclusively designed for nonprofits, Adobe Commerce aims to provide a customizable platform suitable for nonprofit operations.


Rediker software logo with a cloud in the background.

Rediker offers a versatile POS system that can be tailored to nonprofits as well as educational institutions. It includes features like donor management, event planning, and member tracking. Rediker aims to be a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking to streamline their various operational needs.

Bar and nightclub POS systems

Bars and nightclubs require age verification and have a high volume of fast transactions. Systems should also be capable of managing tabs and include robust reporting features.

Here are four popular bar and nightclub POS systems:

  1. AccuPOS
  2. 2TouchPOS
  3. Flipdish
  4. SpotOn



AccuPOS is designed to cater to the fast-paced environment of bars and nightclubs, offering features like real-time inventory tracking, sales analytics, and employee management. It aims to provide a seamless and efficient way to manage everything from customer tabs to stock levels.


Etouch speed control profit logo.

2TouchPOS specializes in POS solutions for bars and nightclubs, focusing on quick transactions, table management, and payment processing. It aims to keep the bar or nightclub running smoothly, enhancing both customer experience and operational efficiency.


A blue logo on a black background.

Flipdish is a versatile POS system that can be adapted to suit the needs of bars and nightclubs. With features like online ordering, customer engagement, and real-time analytics, Flipdish aims to offer a comprehensive solution for managing a bustling nightlife establishment.


A black and white logo with the word spoton.

SpotOn provides a range of POS solutions that can be customized for bars and nightclubs. Features include customer loyalty programs, tableside ordering, and comprehensive reporting. SpotOn aims to be an all-in-one platform for establishments seeking to optimize operations and customer service.

E-commerce POS systems

E-commerce businesses require a POS system that can integrate with online platforms. Systems should manage online orders, shipping, and returns in addition to standard retail operations.

Here are four popular e-commerce POS systems:

  1. WooCommerce
  2. BigCommerce
  3. Ovvi


A purple logo with the word woo commerce.

WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress sites, turning them into fully functional online stores. With an array of features like product listings, shipping management, and customer tracking, it aims to offer a robust solution for e-commerce operations of all sizes.


The big commerce logo on a black background.

BigCommerce is a standalone e-commerce platform designed to manage online stores. It provides an array of features such as search engine optimization (SEO), inventory management, and payment gateway integrations. BigCommerce aims to offer scalable solutions to grow with your business.


A blue logo with the word vivo on it.

Ovvi offers a versatile POS system that can be adapted to e-commerce settings. Features include sales analytics, customer engagement, and multi-location inventory tracking. While not exclusively an e-commerce solution, Ovvi aims to provide a flexible system that can meet a variety of business needs.


The logo for ncrvoix.

Formerly known as NCR Silver, NCR VOYIX offers a wide range of POS solutions, including those designed for e-commerce. It includes features like customer analytics, inventory management, and online ordering capabilities. NCR VOYIX aims to offer a comprehensive solution for businesses operating in both online and physical retail spaces.

Solink integrates with NCR VOYIX.

Food Truck POS systems

Food trucks need compact, mobile POS systems with limited hardware. They require fast transaction processing and the ability to operate offline. 

Here are four popular food truck POS systems:

  1. Revel Systems
  2. Clover
  3. uAccept
  4. Fast POS

Revel Systems

The logo for revel systems.

Revel Systems specializes in iPad POS solutions, and its flexibility makes it a suitable choice for food trucks. Features like mobile ordering, real-time inventory tracking, and payment processing help manage the unique challenges of running a food truck.

Solink integrates with Revel Systems.


The clover logo on a white background.

Clover offers a range of hardware and software solutions that can be tailored to the needs of food trucks. With a focus on payment processing, customer engagement, and order management, Clover aims to be a comprehensive solution for mobile food businesses.


U accept cloud connected point of sale system.

uAccept provides cloud-connected POS solutions that are suited for food trucks. Features include text messaging, email receipts, and real-time sales analytics. uAccept aims to offer an affordable yet effective POS solution for small- to medium-sized food truck operations.

Fast POS

Fast POS is designed for quick service businesses like food trucks. Its features include touch-screen order processing, wireless receipt printing, and payment gateway integrations. Fast POS aims to make transactions faster and easier, enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency.

Liquor store POS systems

Liquor stores need age verification and should be able to handle complex inventory, like different bottle sizes and case deals. Reporting and compliance with local laws are also crucial.

Here are five popular liquor store POS systems:

  1. mPower Beverage
  2. POS Nation
  3. Payanywhere
  4. Tillpoint
  5. WineDirect

mPower Beverage

Ipower beverage software logo.

mPower Beverage specializes in POS solutions for liquor stores. Its features include age verification, inventory tracking, and sales promotions. The software aims to cater to the unique regulatory and inventory needs that liquor stores face.

Solink integrates with mPower.

POS Nation

The logo for posnation.

POS Nation offers a comprehensive POS system designed for various retail settings, including liquor stores. Its features range from customer relationship management to inventory control. POS Nation aims to offer a tailored solution that adapts to the specific challenges of liquor retail.


Pay anywhere logo on white background.

Payanywhere provides a flexible POS system that can be adapted for various industries, including liquor stores. Features include mobile payment options, sales analytics, and inventory tracking. Payanywhere aims to offer an easy-to-use, efficient POS solution for businesses of all sizes.


Tillpoint offers a modular POS system that can be customized for liquor stores. Features include sales reporting, inventory management, and employee tracking. Tillpoint aims to provide a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for managing every aspect of a liquor store.


The logo for wine d'rect on a white background.

WineDirect specializes in wine sales and serves as a robust POS system for liquor stores that focus on wine. Features include customer relationship management, sales analytics, and age verification. WineDirect aims to offer a specialized solution that caters to the niche needs of wine-focused liquor stores.

Bakery POS systems

Bakeries have special needs like recipe management and tracking perishable goods. A bakery-focused POS system should handle these needs while also being quick and easy to use.

Here are three popular bakery POS systems:

  1. POSist
  2. BPA POS
  3. PAR


The logo for posist.

POSist offers a cloud-based POS solution that can be adapted for bakeries. Features include real-time inventory tracking, recipe management, and customer engagement tools. With POSist, bakeries can aim for efficient service and inventory management, crucial for managing perishable goods.


The logo for bpa pos.

BPA POS offers a flexible POS system that can be tailored to fit the needs of hotels, restaurants, and, of course, bakeries. Features include sales analytics, employee management, and customizable menus. BPA POS aims to provide an all-encompassing solution for bakeries, helping them manage both front-end and back-end operations.


The par logo on a black background.

PAR provides a wide array of POS solutions suited for various industries, including bakeries. Features include customer loyalty programs, real-time reporting, and inventory management. PAR aims to offer a robust, scalable solution that can adapt to the specific needs of a bakery operation.

Solink integrates with PAR.

School and education POS systems

Educational institutions often have multiple payment points like cafeterias, bookstores, and tuition fees. POS systems should handle these varied needs and offer robust reporting features.

Here are four popular school and education POS systems:

  1. PraxiSchool
  2. CCS
  3. SkyTab
  4. SalesVu


Praxis school logo on a white background.

PraxiSchool is tailored for the education sector, offering features like student management, tuition tracking, and financial reporting. With its focus on managing the unique challenges that educational institutions face, PraxiSchool aims to be an all-in-one management solution.

CCS (Cafe Cartel Systems)

Cafe cartel systems logo.

Though traditionally a retail POS, CCS offers features like inventory tracking and employee management that can be adapted for educational settings, such as school cafeterias or bookstores. CCS aims to provide a versatile solution that can handle the varied needs of educational environments.


Skytab by shift.

SkyTab specializes in mobile POS solutions and offers features like online ordering and real-time analytics. Although not specialized in education, its adaptability can make it suitable for various educational settings like cafeterias or campus shops.

Solink integrates with SkyTab (formerly Future POS).


A white circle with an icon of a network.

SalesVu offers a cloud-based POS system with features that include inventory management, employee scheduling, and online ordering. The flexibility of SalesVu’s software allows it to be adapted for educational purposes, such as managing school supply stores or event ticketing.

Coffee Shop POS systems

Coffee shops are fast-paced environments that require quick transactions. A good coffee shop POS system should handle custom orders efficiently and manage customer loyalty programs.

Here are three popular coffee shop POS systems:

  1. Nobly
  2. POS Online
  3. AptusSoft


A shield icon with a check mark on it.

Nobly specializes in POS systems for small businesses, including coffee shops. Features include quick order processing, inventory tracking, and customer loyalty programs. Nobly aims to streamline the fast-paced, high-volume operations typical in coffee shops, making it easier to provide quick and efficient service.

POS Online

A white arrow pointing upward in a turquoise circle.

POS Online offers a cloud-based POS system that’s easily adaptable for coffee shops. Key features include sales reporting, customizable menus, and customer engagement tools. With its focus on ease-of-use and efficiency, POS Online aims to offer a solution that fits the unique demands of a coffee shop environment.


A person using a laptop with a lot of icons on it.

Although originally known for its Bakery ERP, AptusSoft provides an adaptable POS solution that can be tailored for coffee shops. Features include order management, loyalty programs, and real-time analytics. AptusSoft aims to provide a comprehensive, all-in-one POS system that can handle both the front-of-house and back-of-house needs of coffee shops.

Dry cleaning POS systems

Dry cleaning businesses need POS systems that can manage orders, track clothing items, and handle special cleaning instructions. Systems often need to print specialized tags and manage pickup and delivery schedules.

Here is one popular dry cleaning POS system:

  1. Dark POS
  2. CleanCloud

Dark POS

A white arrow on a black background.

Dark POS offers features that can be adapted for the dry-cleaning business, including ticket tracking, inventory management, and customer profiles. While not specialized for dry-cleaning, its flexibility makes it a choice worth considering for those in this industry.


A blue cloud logo on a white background.

CleanCloud is specialized for the dry-cleaning and laundry industry, offering tailored features such as garment tagging, customer notifications, and route planning for deliveries. The system aims to automate and streamline the complex workflows typical of dry-cleaning businesses, making operations smoother and more efficient.

Other industry POS systems

Different industries have unique needs that don’t fit into standard categories. These could range from event venues to pet grooming services. In these cases, the POS system needs to be highly customizable to meet the specific requirements of the business.

Here are 12 POS systems that target other industries:

  1. AdmitONE
  2. GoFrugal
  3. Uniwell POS
  4. POSRG
  5. ACCEO Smart Vendor
  6. RQ Retail Management
  7. SalonBiz
  8. Kyte
  9. iZettle
  10. eHopper
  11. iConnect POS
  12. Bevero


A red and white logo with the word admit one.

AdmitONE specializes in ticketing solutions and can be adapted for various industries that require admission control. Features include real-time reporting, custom ticket design, and customer analytics. It aims to streamline the ticketing process, making it easier for businesses to manage admissions and events.


The logo for cofrugal experience simplicity.

GoFrugal offers POS solutions adaptable for multiple industries. Key features include inventory management, order processing, and analytics. GoFrugal is designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses that require a more generalized POS solution.

Uniwell POS

Uniwell solutions at the point of sale.

Uniwell POS focuses on providing robust hardware and software solutions for various sectors. It offers fast transaction processing, real-time reporting, and employee management. Its flexible platform aims to serve the unique requirements of different industries.


An image of a laptop with wifi icons on it.

Point of Sale Remarketing Group (POSRG) offers POS solutions and services for different industries. From hardware refurbishing to software customization, POSRG aims to provide a cost-effective approach for businesses looking for POS systems.

ACCEO Smart Vendor

The logo for aceco on a white background.

ACCEO Smart Vendor specializes in retail POS solutions but is adaptable for other sectors. Features include inventory control, sales analytics, and customer relationship management. It aims to offer an all-in-one solution for businesses with multiple needs.

RQ Retail Management

The q logo with a blue arrow.

RQ Retail Management offers a POS system focused on the retail sector but can be adapted for other uses. Key features include inventory management, customer databases, and mobile capabilities. It aims to provide a scalable solution for growing businesses.


Salonbiz logo on a black background.

SalonBiz focuses on the salon and spa industry, offering features like appointment scheduling, inventory control, and customer profiles. While specialized, it aims to provide a comprehensive solution for salon and spa management.


The kyte logo on a green square.

Kyte is designed as a mobile POS solution for small businesses in various sectors. Features include invoice generation, inventory tracking, and customer management. It aims to offer a user-friendly, mobile solution for businesses on the go.


A laptop on a table with icons on it.

iZettle offers a POS solution that includes features like payments processing, inventory tracking, and sales reports. It’s designed for small businesses across various industries and aims to simplify the process of sales and inventory management.


Ehopper logo on a black background.

eHopper is a mobile POS solution suitable for small businesses in various industries. Key features include order management, customer tracking, and payment processing. It aims to offer a flexible, cost-effective POS solution for businesses with diverse needs.

iConnect POS

I connect pos logo.

iConnect POS provides features such as inventory tracking, employee management, and customer databases. It aims to offer a flexible POS solution that can be tailored to meet the unique demands of different industries.


Bevero logo on a green background.

Formerly known as Xudle, Bevero offers a POS solution designed for the beverage industry but adaptable for other sectors. It includes features like inventory management, order processing, and customer relationship management. Bevero aims to provide a comprehensive system to manage all aspects of business.

After exploring this extensive list of POS systems, you may be wondering how to take your business management to the next level. Solink can seamlessly integrate with most POS systems to provide enhanced security, cloud video surveillance, and actionable business insights. 

By linking your chosen POS system with Solink, you’ll unlock a powerful synergy that helps you optimize operations, reduce loss, and make data-driven decisions.

To see why you should connect Solink to your POS system, sign up for a demo today.

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