COVID-19: Resources
for Businesses.

We want you to have one less thing to worry about as we navigate these challenging times together.

To our customers

At Solink, we understand and acknowledge the impact you must be feeling right now with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Many of our customers are experiencing similar challenges and we empathize with your situation. Solink is helping all of our customers in this crucial time, as our video security system provides you with peace of mind. At the very least, we ensure the safety of your facility, your customers and employees when our solution is in place. We want you to have one less thing to worry about as we navigate these challenging times together. 

As a valued customer, we wanted to remind you that Solink is here to support you and your business as you manage the growing concern around COVID-19.

Thank you,

Mike Matta, CEO & Co-Founder @Solink

Here are a few key reminders:

Solink on Apple Tv.

Monitor your locations remotely.

Solink is available 24/7 on the web and your mobile devices (Android / iOS) giving you access to your business from anywhere. Our AppleTV app also allows you to monitor all of your locations from the comfort of your living room.

Important: keep your Solink recording device powered on and connected to the internet, even if you are closing your location to customers.

Learn more about Solink’s remote monitoring capabilities

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Reach out, we’re here to help.

As always, we offer guaranteed real-time support available to assist you 24/7 through our in-app chat. While we’ve taken ample precaution to ensure our staff is safe, we are committed to real-time service and support to help answer any questions you may have and maintain the functionality of your video security system. You can also reach us by phone at 1-844-635-7305 or by email at

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Register for remote training.

Want to brush up on your knowledge of Solink’s cloud video surveillance platform? We offer 1-1 remote training sessions for you and your team. View the schedule to reserve a time or check out any of our previous and upcoming webinars to learn at your own pace.

Rest assured that our product, team, and resources will continue to serve you, our customers, through this difficult time.

Learn more about Solink’s remote monitoring capabilities

Remote Monitoring

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Find and solve problems in your business anywhere, anytime. Solink creates a dashboard of searchable moments by leveraging your existing security cameras and POS systems.

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