The Solink App: Now Available on Apple TV

January 16, 2020

At Solink, we deliver trusted, business security systems that combine usability with the latest technology trends. The Solink Apple TV App is now available for customers to configure and access all of their Solink locations. Now you can ‘Solink & Chill’ – anytime – from your home, office or on any Apple TV.

Web, Mobile and now on the Big Screen!

We know that as business owners, you have a lot of demands on your time, and a flexible, convenient monitoring system is key to the success of your operations.

You want to keep an eye on your business from the comfort of your home, on a system that you are familiar with using.

Solink on Apple TV provides users with live views of all your surveillance cameras, on a single display.

Whether it’s keeping track of guests that enter/exit your restaurant or monitoring wait times at retail check-out queues, the app enables a “monitoring station” view that helps business owners maintain ‘eyes in the store’, from the comfort of their living room.

Users can view a live feed, search for motion-based events, rewind to look through history, get proactive event-based live links on mobile web and more.

Apple TV provides a user-friendly experience, coupled with hardware capable of streaming many videos simultaneously—all at a reasonable price point.

Solink on Apple Tv.

Cloud surveillance allows you to monitor your business from the comfort of your living room

Gain peace of mind and relax, knowing that your business is in good hands and with Solink’s remote monitoring system, you can keep an eye on everything, from anywhere.

With Apple TV, you can:

  • View business operations at a glance
  • Navigate across multiple locations using a simple map interface
  • View multiple security cameras at once
  • Zone in on the areas and views that matter to you

Check in-store transactions from home, or monitor location activity from afar–Solink can be accessed on multiple platforms–acting as your eyes and ears when you’re not onsite.

Take a scenario such as a restaurant owner who has concerns that his employees might be closing the restaurant early. Pull up my Dining Room Camera Group;

Video surveillance footage of &pizza's kitchen.

Are they following proper procedures and doing what they should be at closing? Check-in on my Kitchen close camera group to check-in;

Video surveillance footage of &pizza's kitchen.

A quick glance at Solink on Apple TV provides you with the reassurance that things are being handled as they would be if you were physically present in the store.

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