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Camera Linking

Camera Linking is an innovative camera AI feature in the Solink platform that automatically connects cameras based on overlapping areas of visibility to make it easier to navigate from one camera view to another.

What is Camera Linking?

Camera Linking is a new feature released by Solink that uses AI to detect motion patterns between your cameras and then automatically create buttons you can use to navigate from one camera view to the neighboring one.

This form of camera AI is a hot research topic and constantly evolving.

While viewing a camera in the Solink Video Player, you’ll see the names of any nearby camera(s) overlaid in the camera view. You can hover over a camera name to see where it is located, and then select it to switch your view to the adjacent camera.

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Why is Camera Linking important?

Whether you’re a loss prevention manager, risk and safety analyst, or even someone not familiar with the location layout, Camera Linking provides you with a powerful tool to navigate through any monitored location with just a few simple clicks.

Camera Linking is extremely useful for:

  • Investigations: Follow a suspect or employees as they move across a location.
  • Performing daily store audits: Easily navigate through a location to see if employees have completed required tasks.
  • Operations: Understand customer flows throughout a store.

Camera Linking creates a new way to understand a location digitally. Without any user input, the Solink platform detects how people move through your location to understand which cameras have overlapping coverage. Then, it builds connections to allow you to naturally move through the space by clicking on camera buttons.

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