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License plate recognition

License plate recognition uses AI technology to match the individual letters and numbers as well as the state/province of a license plate against examples in a database to identify the vehicle and therefore its owner.

What is license plate recognition?

License plate recognition is an AI security technology. A license plate image is first segmented into different parts so each letter/number, as well as the state/province, can be considered separately. It then matches those parts to a database of example images to output the license plate number. License plate recognition is the subject of ongoing research.

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Why is license plate recognition important?

License plate recognition can be considered significantly easier than facial recognition because the images are simpler. Instead of a range of, for example, nose shapes to identify and match to previous images, a license plate is made up of only 26 letters and 10 numbers.

Even under poor lighting conditions or images taken at difficult angles, license plate recognition is usually possible.

Because this technology has been easier to develop, license plate recognition is more mature than facial recognition. It can already be deployed in businesses with great success. Solink is currently expanding its operational capabilities for drive-thrus using this technology.

Here are two main examples of where license plate recognition can be used today:

  1. You can improve the security of your parking lots by using your security cameras to record the license plate numbers of any vehicles involved in an incident.
  2. You can use license plate recognition technology in your drive-thru to provide enhanced data for improving the traffic flow of your drive-thru.
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