14 best security cameras for retail stores (2024)

A man standing in a store holding a clipboard.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Choosing the best security cameras for retail stores is crucial for safeguarding your business, merchandise, and customers. This guide explores top camera options tailored for retail environments, highlighting features that enhance security, provide valuable insights, and ensure comprehensive coverage.

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A man standing in a store holding a clipboard.

Benefits of security cameras for retail stores

Security cameras in a retail setting offer many advantages that extend beyond traditional security measures. While their primary function is to enhance security, modern surveillance systems, particularly when integrated with Solink, also contribute significantly to operational efficiency, sales and marketing optimization, and improved customer service. This comprehensive approach not only safeguards the business but also drives its growth and development in various aspects.

The integration of security cameras into retail store operations has revolutionized how businesses approach both security and non-security challenges. From deterring theft to optimizing store layouts, the benefits are multifaceted. 

Here is a list of some of the key advantages:

  • Reduced internal theft: Security cameras act as a deterrent against employee theft, helping retailers protect assets and maintain integrity within the workforce.
  • External theft prevention: Visible security cameras discourage potential shoplifters and burglars, significantly lowering the risk of external theft in retail stores.
  • Reduced injury liability: Security cameras can document incidents, providing evidence that can be crucial in defending against false injury claims and reducing liability.
  • Lower discount abuse: Monitoring transactions and customer interactions helps in preventing abuse of discounts or return policies in retail stores.
  • Reduced operational shrink: Security cameras can help identify inefficiencies and sources of shrinkage within operations, allowing for corrective measures.
  • OSHA fines prevention through blocked exit detection: Security cameras ensure compliance with safety regulations by monitoring exit blockages, thereby preventing potential OSHA fines in your retail stores.
  • Heat maps for better store design: Analytics from security camera data can create heat maps, aiding in store layout optimization for improved customer flow and experience.
  • Merchandising effectiveness: Retail store security camera data can inform better merchandising decisions based on customer behaviors and preferences.
  • Better speed of service: Monitoring customer service areas helps in optimizing staff allocation and service processes for quicker customer handling.
  • Increased adherence to upsell scripts: Surveillance ensures that staff are following prescribed sales techniques and upsell opportunities in your retail stores.
  • Conflict resolution: Video footage provides unbiased evidence in customer or employee disputes, aiding in quick and fair resolution.
  • Employee training and compliance: Reviewing retail security camera footage can aid in employee training programs and ensure adherence to company policies.
  • Monitoring high-value items: Specialized surveillance of high-value areas prevents theft and misuse of expensive products or equipment.
  • Customer safety: Security cameras in stores enhance customer safety, contributing to a secure and comfortable shopping environment.

Let’s look at some of the best retail store security camera options available today.

Best dome surveillance cameras for business

Dome cameras are a go-to for retail store security systems, valued for their discreet appearance and broad coverage. The dome shape is hard for people to see which way the camera is pointing, which boosts security by being less obvious. They work well inside and outside, providing clear images no matter the lighting.

Retailers might consider models like the Hanwha XND-6085V and AXIS Q35 Series, known for high-quality images and versatility in different lights. Their easy installation and durable designs make them perfect for stores looking for low-profile yet effective surveillance.

1. Hanwha XND-6085V

This camera stands out for delivering clear footage, crucial for spotting incidents or analyzing customer behavior in retail spaces. It’s tough enough for any part of the store, easy to set up, and connects well with other security tech, making it a solid option for comprehensive store surveillance.

2. AXIS Q35 Dome Camera Series

Known for capturing detailed video even in tricky light, these cameras are great for areas that need careful watching. They’re tough, work inside or outside, and fit smoothly into current security setups, ensuring that retailers have reliable eyes on their spaces.

3. UniFi Dome Security Cameras

With a sleek design, these cameras offer high-resolution footage and wide views, ideal for covering entire store areas. Their user-friendly setup and integration with the UniFi network make them a favorite among retailers for efficient and effective surveillance.

Best turret surveillance cameras for business

Turret cameras, with their flexibility and discreet design, are excellent for retail settings. They let you change the viewing angle without moving the whole camera, ideal for areas that need regular adjustment or have varied surveillance needs.

Turret cameras combine the discreet nature of dome cameras with the directional flexibility of bullet cameras, making them a versatile choice for various types of security cameras for business.

1. Ubiquiti Camera G3 Flex

This camera is adaptable, offering high-definition video day and night, and works both indoors and outdoors. Its design is weather-resistant, blending well with store aesthetics while ensuring continuous, clear surveillance.

2. Hanwha XNV-L6080

This model is praised for its clarity and adaptability, featuring a motorized lens for easy focus changes. It’s designed to capture high-quality footage in all retail environments, from the sales floor to the parking lot, making it a versatile pick for dynamic surveillance needs.

Best bullet surveillance cameras for business

Bullet cameras are easily noticed, which can deter potential theft, and are suited for watching specific spots like store entrances or checkout areas. Their long shape allows for precise aim and zoom, providing detailed footage where it matters most.

1. AXIS Bullet Camera Series

Designed for outdoor use, these cameras are robust and capture high-quality video over large areas. Features like zoom and autofocus help retailers monitor spaces effectively, making them a top choice for perimeter security.

2. Ubiquiti Camera G4 Bullet

With up to 4K resolution, this camera offers clear images over a wide area, perfect for identifying activities around the store or in the parking lot. Its night vision capabilities and weatherproof design make it a reliable option for all conditions.

3. Hanwha Q Series Bullet Cameras

These cameras deliver sharp, efficient video, ideal for monitoring retail environments. They come with features that enhance video quality and reduce bandwidth needs, supporting retail security with advanced technology.

Best PTZ surveillance cameras for business

PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras offer comprehensive coverage for retail stores, able to pan, tilt, and zoom to monitor large areas effectively. They’re especially useful for tracking movement or adjusting focus in real-time, essential for large retail spaces..

1. Hanwha HCP-6320A

This camera provides Full HD video, allowing detailed observation across store areas. Its PTZ capabilities ensure that all parts of the store are covered, making it a robust choice for both indoor and outdoor surveillance.

2. UniFi Protect G4 PTZ

Offering 4K resolution and a 22x optical zoom, this camera captures detailed footage across large retail spaces. Its tracking features and night vision capability make it a powerful tool for 24/7 surveillance.

3. AXIS P56 PTZ Camera Series

These cameras are built for extensive area coverage, offering high-definition video and powerful zoom. Their adaptability makes them suitable for a variety of retail surveillance needs, ensuring safety and security.

Best 360 surveillance cameras for business

360 cameras provide panoramic views, perfect for monitoring wide areas in retail settings with a single device. They capture every angle, ensuring there are no blind spots in surveillance, crucial for open retail spaces.

Their integration into a cloud-based security camera system allows for enhanced data analysis and coverage, maximizing the effectiveness and reach of a business security camera system.

1. AXIS Multidirectional Cameras

These cameras cover vast areas with adjustable angles, ideal for keeping an eye on multiple store sections at once. Their flexibility and quality make them indispensable for comprehensive retail surveillance.

2. Hanwha 360 Camera Series

Offering a full view with high-resolution imaging, these cameras are perfect for monitoring all store activity. Their wide coverage and digital zoom capabilities mean detailed surveillance with fewer cameras.

3. Ubiquiti Camera AI 360

With advanced AI and a 360-degree view, this camera enhances retail security by detecting and analyzing movement throughout the entire store. Its high-resolution imaging and network integration make it a top choice for modern retail surveillance solutions.

Solink enhances your retail security camera system by integrating advanced analytics and management tools, making it easier to get more from your surveillance setup. By focusing on key aspects like loss prevention, customer safety, and operational insights, Solink ensures your retail store is not only protected but also optimized for success.

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