Coca-Cola proves: Security cameras capture more than just criminals

December 11, 2017
When you think of security cameras, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘crime’. Their presence alone evokes the warning: “don’t even think about it because we’re watching you”.

But this year Coca-Cola put out a heartwarming commercial that proves security cameras don’t just capture criminals. They also capture positive experiences, such as “people stealing kisses”, “music addicts”, “honest pickpockets” and “potato chip dealers”.

While Coca-Cola is encouraging people to “share the good”, at Solink we encourage businesses to use video data to “measure and track the good.” Security cameras are capturing not only all of the bad and illegal events, but all the good and positive experiences in your business. From happy customers to happy employees, you can find thousands of positive experiences in your security footage. Armed with the definitive knowledge of these experiences, managers and executives can better understand what makes a positive experience and how their business can encourage more of these behaviours.

Just as your managers want to be informed of illegal or irregular events, they should also be aware of incidents that lead to customers and employees being unhappy. Long waiting lines, short staffing, in-store bottlenecks; with video insights from Solink, all of these factors can be measured and tracked, enabling businesses to turn a negative experience into a positive one.

Since security cameras do not distinguish between the types of video they capture, businesses should not limit their use to security centric means: video data can be the best tool for improving the customer experience and optimizing operations. Bygone is the era of security centric surveillance video. It’s time to start looking at security video differently, after all, there is a whole lot of “good” in that footage.

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