Solink Integrates with Contextine’s Case Management Application

December 11, 2017

Anaheim, California- September 28th 2015

Solink is proud to announce the integration of its Fraud Prevention Platform with Contextine‘s Case Management application. With this latest partnership, Solink provides users the ability to identify, investigate and escalate potential fraud all from within its platform.

“Our customers love using our platform to identify fraud, but they needed to export the data once it came time to investigate.” says Michael Matta, CEO of Solink. “We streamlined their process by providing everything they need to complete investigations without leaving our platform.”

This integration stems from a collaboration with one of Solink’s main customers, Check’n Go. Their risk team was having a lot of success using Solink to identify and review cases of potential fraud, but they still needed to export the data into a separate case management tool.

“We’re very happy to have case management as part of the Solink solution, and getting here was a team effort. Their developers spent a lot of time working with our investigators to ensure that their new application featured the tools most important to our process.” says, Aaron Rogers, Head of Risk at Check ‘n Go. “We’re now able to take investigations from start to finish in less time and with better collaboration between our teams.”

Contextine worked closely with Solink and select end users to build the case management application. Their application adds a number of new features to the Solink Platform, including the ability to create cases around Solink events, manage and assign users, link multiple disparate events together in one case view, and built-in collaboration and sharing tools. Contextine plans to continue working with Solink’s team to improve their case management application through feedback received from end users.

“Partnering with Solink was a great opportunity for us because they are tackling video, one of the most promising yet challenging sources of Big Data. We are building applications that help businesses manage and leverage data in new and exciting ways, video data is a big part of that.” Suyog Raut, CEO of Contextine.

About Solink

Solink is a data-driven security platform that captures and audits 100% video and transactional data to reduce fraud proactively. Solink’s unique Video Discovery application allows users to search for any event, putting an end to manually retrieving evidence by time and location. For a monthly fee, the platform provides everything users need to collect, analyze, investigate and manage their data. Solink’s fraud prevention as a service offering is the first one of its kind to be data driven instead of incident driven.

About Contextine

Contextine is into building Case Management applications for financial institutions, Retail sector and others to help manage and track case investigations. Case Management Application allows you complete the cases investigations from it’s inception to the closure with simplicity and efficiency in the investigation process. To learn more:

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