As Operations Resume, Your Business Needs a Video Surveillance System to Enforce Security Policies More than Ever

June 4, 2020

Retailers, restaurants, and other service businesses in our communities have rallied in record time to adopt measures that will allow them to reopen and ensure safe physical distancing for their staff and guests.

Physical security is a vital component of this effort, but no single technology or initiative can guarantee safety. Continued enforcement and vigilance around your processes is crucial to instill the confidence that will bring customers back through your door.

We have seen and heard too many business security vendors and integrators these days being opportunistic. They are making claims that suggest a single security measure will serve as some magic bullet or miracle cure.

The reality is that it takes a combination of measures and what works best for one business may not for another.

Regardless of what combination of security measures you employ (video surveillance, thermal imaging, people counting, vehicle detection, etc.), these are just tools in your toolbox. It’s how you use them and manage them that will make the difference.

You need to focus on process – the policies and procedures your team will follow and how you will ensure accountability over a week, a month, and even a year.

Think about it – monitoring every employee and customer, through every shift, day in and day out. Did everyone comply with the process? When do we need to iterate the process? How do we build an effective feedback cycle to learn and adapt to re-opening?

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You have three options:

  1. Constantly be on-site and/or have extra staff tasked with monitoring and enforcement, which can add to labour costs and leave you without a break.
  2. Rely on spot checks and audits, which still leave gaps in time.
  3. Adopt a solution that continuously monitors and controls enforcement, such as an agnostic cloud video security system that integrates with existing business systems (POS, shift management, drive-thru, sensors), and can be accessed and searched remotely.

That third option provides you with the most efficient and cost-effective way to achieve a 360-degree view of how compliant your day-to-day operations truly are, 24 hours a day.

Learn how Solink can help your business adjust to its new normal.

Consider how Solink’s agnostic video security system, integrated into your location, could be of assistance in the following scenarios:

Thermal camera customer screening

Screening customers at the door with a touchless forehead thermometer or thermal camera is gaining a lot of attention. Many business owners and managers with whom we have spoken haven’t thought through what comes next if a customer is flagged with an elevated body temperature. What policy or procedure will staff follow? Will that customer be turned away at the door? How will staff handle an upset customer?

Solink is interoperable with certain thermal cameras to ensure the data they generate can be securely tracked and audited. With our floorplan feature, you have a mini contact-tracing feature to review how any one individual navigated the premises and who else they may have come into contact with.

Use of PPE

Providing your staff with personal protective equipment is one thing, ensuring it’s used properly is another. Reviewing and spot-checking video surveillance footage by identifying people provides you with a cursory view of compliance with established processes.

Case in point: We monitored one quick-service restaurant (QSR) location where a clerk proceeded to handle cash, touch their mask, and then directly handle food items to fulfill the next customer’s order – all while wearing the same pair of gloves.

Hygiene and disinfection

As dining rooms reopen, owners and managers must also monitor to ensure proper disinfection of surfaces between customers, which they may find tough to manage. On a practical, day-to-day basis, a modern video surveillance system is crucial to ensure compliance.

Proper hand-washing also remains the single best defence against the spread of the virus. A strategically placed camera over a hand-washing sink, paired with Solink, can be highly effective to identify the number of times people wash their hands and for how long. The psychological impact of a video camera
situated over that sink can in itself encourage compliance.

With Solink, intelligent video monitoring features like motion detection can be configured to trigger an alert if the motion event is less than 20 seconds.

Managing and reducing bad behavior

People are unpredictable creatures at the best of times. We are living in a period where tensions are running high and personal circumstances may leave people desperate. Consider that we may be operating under the current constraints for many months until a viable vaccine is available.

The risks of internal theft or shoplifting are on the rise. The news media have featured plenty of stories about individuals who, for whatever reason, deliberately spit, sneeze, or cough on common surfaces or even their fellow humans. Employees who are stressed or of a certain age to downplay the threat posed by the virus may accidentally or even deliberately flout company policies and procedures.

The human factor makes it more important than ever to invest in a video surveillance system that can catch bad behaviour in the act, alert your staff to intervene before matters can escalate, and provide law enforcement with the visual evidence to quickly catch perps.

With Solink, we offer full POS integration and various integrations with other business systems. POS transactions or inventory management data can be quickly correlated with related video surveillance footage. This enables you to:

  1. Easily investigate suspicious transactions
  2. Search hours or days of video data and footage in seconds
  3. Receive alerts tied to motion/activity in specific areas of the business at certain times.
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Why choose Solink?

For a low monthly price per location, Solink will equip you with a modern video surveillance system designed to integrate with your existing security camera system and other security infrastructure, as well as your business systems.

This provides you with a cloud-based business management platform that never sleeps. You can be alerted to policy violations, review related video footage and pass those clips on to others at any time, from anywhere, with any connected device.

We help you derive maximum value from your other physical security measures and ensure compliance with the policies and procedures meant to protect your business, your staff, and your customers.

Learn how Solink can help your business adjust to its new normal.