We leveraged 536 Million hours of video (our 2014 year in review)

December 11, 2017
2014 was a great year for Solink. Our year in review is coupled with growth, discovery and innovation. We doubled our staff, expanded our customer base and processed over half a Billion hours of video to help our customers make data-driven decisions.

We stayed true to our mission of making video a more relevant and meaningful source of business insight through new applications in risk, security, operations and marketing. Video data holds tremendous promise to be used by the whole enterprise, and we will continue to invest on this front. We’re excited about the opportunities and challenges ahead and expect 2015 to be the best year yet.

Thank you to our users, customers, and partners for your support – we look forward to continuing our success with you in 2015.

Mike Matta
CEO, Solink

Graphic of Solink's 2014 Year In Review Highlights

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